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Magic and Earth Day



Today is Earth Day and i will undoubtedly shed a few tears today.  (Today, with the following, I’m telling you like it is, and not merely singing about daisies and butterflies.)  The ability to have very accurate premonitions runs in our family; my mother had it and i seem to have a strong dose of it too.  When i was in high school (in around 1966) i had a premonition that humans would quickly ruin the earth with excessive manmade pollutants. Yesterday, the very intelligent Fareed Zakaria had the famous environmentalist Bill McKibben on, as part of his show.  Bill, 30 years ago, wrote a book — the first book about global warming — warning about the threats of manmade pollution; since then, he says that little has been done to change things for the better.  Arctic ice is 50% gone and the oceans are 30% more acidic.   We all need to change and do more to change things.  Additionally, it is far more prudent/globally-compassionate to stay local and not go long distances for vacations and entertainment.


(Down below is a link to the conversation between Fareed and Bill.)


If i had a magic wand
that would
when waved
make people
look without separation
clean up the environment (that they are)
and look without a false center…

i’d use it

No such
magic wand
from any mystical magic shop

but that doesn’t mean
that real magic can’t happen

Real magic can happen
Profound mysteries of life assure you
real magic can happen



Ants Caring for the Aphids that they herd and that they milk like cows … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019


















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  1. I didn’t have a premonition as you did Tom, but it is pretty obvious that all signs indicating our environmental collapse lead to man’s utter recklessness, carelessness, greediness, and outright negligence to protect and conserve our environment and it’s resources. 😦 This didn’t just happen, it’s been evolving for years now…all in the name of progress??? Mother Nature is tired and worn out. What she once provided fruitfully, we see evidence of production slowing down, headed for extinction. Those who should be listening are turning a deaf ear and blind eye to the seriousness of this cause! :-/


  2. Being that our reality (as we perceive it) is built on quantum physics, I would say there is little difference between magic and our world. Good one, Tom!


  3. Unfortunately you were prophetic Tom. Looking at your picture we see ants protecting aphids, two very low forms of life, whereas we humans, who fancy ourselves to be way above any other species, will kill each other over a pair or sneakers.


  4. Ants milking aphids- I never would have thought.I am trying to make changes and go plastic free, but it is a process and difficult to change. It really scares me when I look at how we have polluted the earth , oceans and space.


  5. When I read your poem, all I could think of was this Jimmy Buffett song. It’s a little different from much of his stuff, and it really seems to be relevant to our Earth Day concerns. Living “straight from the heart” is part of what’s needed.


  6. I am despondent most of the time about the tragic abuse and mishandling of our natural resources. Thanks for another reality check, Tom.


  7. I get up early every Sunday and watch Fareed! Saw the interview and will check if the library has the book. I’m with you on the environment. I try to keep my footprint reasonable, but it sometimes seems so hopeless when greed and thirst for power always seem to come out ahead. But nonetheless I will continue on, doing what I can to make my difference. Great post, Tom!


    • Fareed is an awesome human being! Yes, greed and their insatiable thirst for power always do seem to be “in control.” Too many just “let that happen”! At least you are very concerned and you are “trying,” Sabine. 🙂 That is all that you can do. We must remain the light in all of the darkness.


  8. Better late than never, I believe we are finally seeing some movement and momentum towards curbing our harmful effects on our planet. Maybe because folks are finally hearing things as catastrophic news, not tree-huggers’ laments. People can see in satellite photos the drastic shrinking of the ice caps. And fortunately, the topic gets enough response that some of the media world is seeing the subject as worthy. That helps spread the catastrophic news to all those ostriches that have been chugging bottled water and buying bigger trucks. Over the last couple of years, I was getting rather morose about the condition of our world and the future for its inhabitants (my concerns are more for wildlife than humans).
    As a conservation community, we have seen some wins recently. Some very bad trends have leveled or even started to turn, and at least some politicians are voting in favor of conservation and the environment.
    It seems as though we’re taking it down to the wire.
    Let’s hope and work toward turning this around.



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