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Responsibility and Love




When there is the negation of what order and love are not, perhaps love will be there.  There is no “you” that wills that negation, for the very self itself (i.e., the “I” or the “me”) must be part of that negation… not merely controlling it from (or “as”) a distance.  Of course, we are not suggesting harm to the body in any way; such harm would not entail love.  Love is not merely measurable (i.e., not merely of measure), so one cannot merely “know” that one has it.  Thinking and time are of measure and a mind that is merely caught up in thinking and measurement (in and “as” time) cannot love deeply (though it can easily think that it can).  Clinging to an isolated concept of “me” (apart from all of life) requires distance and a measurement of opposites.  Psychological distance and measurement create the “I” and the “I” would not exist without such psychological distance and measurement.

A lot of people say “I love you” very easily (as if one knows that one “has” it… as if it entails an absolute separate subject and object).  Is there really an “I” that is separate from what the whole world is?  Is there really an isolated “you” — that is looking from a (learned) distance, an accumulated psychological space — that is separate from what the whole world is?  Psychological separation, isolation, and conflict depend upon limited thought/thinking, and without limited thought/thinking, such separation wouldn’t exist.  

Our minds are often so very distorted and not whole.  The grocery stores, these days, are chock-full of fragmented, over-processed, pseudo-foods.  And, in the United States, for example, there is more obesity and more cancer (and strange, deleterious syndromes popping up) than ever before.  Too few of us eat real, whole foods like our grandparents did; we assimilate garbage both mentally and gustatorily, and we don’t mind being normal (and swallowing it all) one bit.  




Yellow Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. For me love is more than a word. It’s the feeling of warmth I get when my heart energy is sitting in the middle of me and not in my stomach or my throat. It’s hard for me to go most places because I spend a lot of time and energy having to keep my heart out of my stomach or my throat because of what you described and more. There are so many sick, tired, frustrated, angry and disillusioned people in this world trying to keep themselves together. When you go shopping or anywhere in public that energy leaks out of everyone and into everything. A kind word, a smile, a caring gesture can dispel much of it but it’s very tiring to be at it alone sometimes!


    • 🙂 Yes, sometimes i go to the same store and smile at the same people but they never smile back… just looking indifferent or perpetually melancholy or disgruntled. One doesn’t know what is occurring in their lives so judgment cannot be made. It’s an art not to let frustrating things in life not end up making one frustrated. Many people just haven’t mastered that art.


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