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Poem for Wifey…




When we two
it was the most
        enchanting, beautiful thing
        and it still is
We were destined to be


Torenia Summer Wave Violet … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018





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    • Thank you much, Harini! 🙂 Marla, my wife, is going through some very difficult times health-wise. She just had Sciatica surgery a few days ago, has a torn rotator-cuff (which will likely need surgery), and (due to complications with neck surgery related to her Wilson’s disease) she must always get her nutrition via stomach tube feedings. Before i retired as a teacher for the multiply handicapped, i used to help feed my students in such a way, so (luckily) i am very used to it. Too many people take their health for granted.


      • Knowing the background makes your poem even more touching. Please give Marla my best wishes for a speedy recovery. Love such as this surely compensates for the pain and I’ll health!

  1. That is a beautiful sentiment Tom – how nice to write this to your wife and a beautiful iris as well. Hopefully Marla is feeling better post-surgery.


      • Sorry to hear that Tom … post-surgery is always rough, I know that from several surgeries with my mom. Really – a violet!! I guess because it is up close I assumed it was an iris. I had irises for years along the fence line, but they kept tipping over and staking them didn’t look good, so I took them out and planted roses and perennials. I forgot this was macro photography. It is raining here AGAIN. I hope to get out a little later when it stops.

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