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  1. I’ll never forget the time I found a huge cluster of these, hanging out together. They’re cute individually, but they can be heart-stopping when they decide to get together and party!


  2. Daddy Long Legs and your cute little Jumping Spider I can handle, but the big fat juicy spiders that dangle in the middle of a huge web or suddenly appear on a wall or on the floor just terrify me and always have. Heart palpitations and sweaty palms follow after one glimpse of them, even though EVERYONE says “they’re more afraid of you, then you are of them” … I beg to differ with that statement. 🙂


      • Tom – I would have had a meltdown … I may know they are harmless, but I have always been afraid of spiders and centipedes. Today is our second day this week of non-stop rain … they are sure to start surfacing soon.

        P.S. – I had to Google banana spiders as I was associating that name with a tarantula. I saw a video on banana or yellow orb spiders and watched it. Years ago, friends of our family moved to Puerto Rico and I visited them there during Easter week of my senior year. They took me to the usual tourist spots, and a beach or two, and one night we went to a nightclub on Condado Beach. At the end of the evening, the husband went to retrieve the car while we stood outside the building to wait for him. When he pulled up Eagle Eyes Linda spotted a tarantula on the top of the car. It must’ve dropped down from a palm tree. Both Alfonsa and I screamed, and he had already opened all the car windows as it was a coolish night so no AC was needed. That spider crawled from the roof right into the car. Alfonsa and I screamed a little more and refused to get into the car until he could produce a carcass or we saw it walk out of the car on its own accord. Neither happened. We took a taxi home and left Werner to drive home alone. He was not afraid in the least. Luckily it was the last night of my stay and I took a taxi to the airport the following day – I was not taking any chances on seeing this brute. I never asked if the spider met his demise inside the car. I know Werner was angry at both of us.

  3. Even though I have arachnophobia, spiders do remain fascinating creatures, especially when I watch them weave their webs…from afar of course! LOL 🙂


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