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Facts and Ants


[Note:  Some people are changing their ways, using green energy, staying local instead of mindlessly vacationing via terrible fossil fuel aircraft and diesel ships, recycling, being vegetarians, and creating more drastically needed environmental awareness.  However, not enough people, by any means, are changing.  Most mindlessly stick to the bourgeois status quo… needlessly flying in jets all over the place (to relax), using huge cruise ships, and not doing much to help the environment.  All major mass extinctions on earth occurred when CO2 levels exceeded a thousand parts per million (ppm).  Carbon dioxide levels are now changing about 25,000 times faster than in known geologic history; methane, too, is being released at unprecedented rates.  We must do better as a species or the following poem, unfortunately, will hold true.]


natural business

no plastics

no foul fossil fumes

not just on and under terra firma

arboreal too


six legs

hooded antenna

agile cooperative stealthy curious

will be here long after

the foolish bipedal apes

destroy their world with indifference

and chemicals





ant business (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

ant business (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. I always wonder if the six-legged future masters of the earth wouldn’t do a better job than we are doing. Nice poem and pics!


  2. Truth!
    Wondering what sort of camera you used to capture the ants so exquisitely …?? I think there’s a macro-specific camera on my horizon, so open to recommendations.


  3. I waffle back and forth between two poles, no pun intended.
    Firstly, I wonder what can be done, how much is left, can humankind stall or reverse its present excess and abuse on this blue ball. If so, what will be left for saving?
    Conversely, I think in a cosmic sense, the four billion-year plan, how the planet might be better off entirely without us (humans). I’m comforted by the fact that by then, this will be as the flash of a lightning bug, a chimera in a stream, the blink of a cosmic eye, and this planet will go on to be what it is bound to be, as we become dust.

    Seek peace,



  4. Plastic is my pet peeve. Estimates show that in the next decade, more plastic will be made than has ever been made already. Stop! Enough! Convenient living isn’t even fun or challenging. Wasteful and ugly. So I can have 6 ounces of yogurt I also get a container that lasts a thousand years in a landfill. Good thinking.


  5. The sentence: …destroy their world with indifference – is really very true. Everybody wants to live “comfortable” and nobody cares for the enivronment. What are we doing to the earth? Have a nice day, regards Mitza


  6. First, what an awesome macro! Second, we try but probably not as hard as we should. People always say save the planet…the planet will bounce back…we won’t.


      • I must try harder. I know there are many areas we can improve but don’t because of the time it takes. But in the end, if our time runs out literally, our laziness did us no good. Best to keep that in mind!

  7. In most peoples thinking, that is if they ever think about it at all, the effects of climate change will not happen to a marked degree in their lifetime and probably not in their kids lifetimes either. So they are not going to worry about it and see it as someone else’s problem way down the road. The majority of the people on this planet cannot think either for or beyond themselves…


    • They think for themselves but not for others… and “others” refers not just to humans, but especially to animals and plants that are (far and away) over-abused and used. Hell is already happening in big weather changes now. Look at all the flooding, wildfires on the west coast, Nor-easters, hurricanes, and on and on. The runaway effect is probably already happening, unfortunately.


  8. We continue to make such a negative impact on the world. Not enough of us are changing.
    Nice poem and photo. We tend to forget about the little creatures, as you say.


  9. Exquisite photo and insightful poem, Tom. And I agree that we’re working to reverse environmental damage fast enough. I’m not very optimistic about the future.


    • Thank you much, Belinda! I realize how close to nature you are! I’m 66, and even as a kid, i saw it coming. Chemicals and fossil fuels don’t mix with nature well and, believe me, the powers that be are covering a lot of the truth up about all this. Even the rocks of quarries in our area are degrading unnaturally fast and blackening due to acid rain and pollution; it is ridiculous!


  10. Great post! The world would be a much better place without humans I suspect. There is not a species alive more violent and more out of sync with our environment than us. I do think that we’ve made it hard to change though…I’m trying bit by bit but so many things seem engrained in our culture as to make change difficult. But that doesn’t mean we should give up.


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