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Insight (when one was very young, in Grade School)


When one was in grade school at, of course, a very young age, one was in one’s upstairs bedroom. Suddenly, one was in an extremely perceptive state in which thought/thinking was not in occurrence. One realized, without internal words or symbols, that it was a very “special” mental state (much different from regular, mundane consciousness involving thought/thinking). Somehow it was instantaneous in nature, not involving time and the sequence that words and time are involved in. From then on, one would occasionally go into that dimension (or “special” mode).

Back then, one did not label it as anything. “Meditation” was not a word that i was familiar with; “meditation” was not discussed or mentioned in my culture or educational background at the time (way back then). Only later, in one’s college days, did i discover more about the term “meditation.” Interestingly, one found that a lot of what some gurus from the East were presenting as “meditation” was really a form of self-hypnosis (involving mere concentration, effort, resistance, and time). Thought/thinking, being a sequential mental process, involves (and actually is) time. Profound perception is beyond time; it is a beautiful timelessness that thought cannot “make happen.”

Resting Elderly Butterfly … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2022

So the universe really does have an edge! Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2021

More Possible Insights…


Whenever consciousness looks at something, the image or pattern of that something is what the mind becomes.

One can, if one is wise, perceive deeper than what mere separative patterns entail; then there is a most beautiful wholeness.

Forgiveness is great, but there are some callous situations where forgiveness would neither be intelligent nor wise.

Merely sticking to one’s family is only OK if you realize that all living creatures are your family.

It may be that sometimes viruses are nature’s way of curbing overpopulation; this has happened many times in the past.

She had a most beautiful, kind mind, and how she looked on the outside didn’t matter a whole lot.

You can lead a mule to water but you can’t make him enlightened.

A wise mind of perpetuity exists beyond any real, substantial ending.

So the universe really does have an edge! Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2021
So, the universe really does have an edge! Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2021




Listening is very important in life. How you listen matters tremendously. Most people listen with — and through — the background of their conditioning (that stems from past accumulation). With that accumulation, they listen… which really isn’t listening at all. They then walk around mistakingly thinking that they are “free” and “open.”

True wisdom may be beyond the mere accumulation of patterns (from the past). It may involve deep insight beyond what you merely have been told and accumulated. Insight is timeless; what is timeless is not of mere piecemeal accumulation (which is in time). Piecemeal accumulation is time.

Not so common … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2021


Insights or Non- (Part 9)





Imperishable insight is life that perceives its true reality (far beyond the limited, dead norm). 

If you try to anchor the ship of your mind in the supposedly safe harbor of orthodox security (i.e., traditional beliefs)… you’ll stay shallow and never go deep.

The wise mind goes beyond constant symbolic thinking; it does not necessarily always need to be recognizing things as it was taught.

The watery pool of the astute, reflective mind must be still to mirror the absolute truth.  A mere agitated mind, merely full of turbulence and turmoil, reflects nothing.

To a truly wise mind, many supposedly tantalizing sensations are rather trivial and somewhat meaningless… because a truly wise mind is content in itself, not needing extraneous stimuli to (eventually) make it happy.

Movements can claim to be solid entities.  Mere reactions can claim to have freedom.  Few truly evolve.



Nature’s Bounty … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018




It May Be Wise To Be Different



True and profound insight is like a rare jewel that very few ever partake in within (and “as”) life.  Profound insight is not what someone can merely — through effort — acquire or obtain.  Insight is not like a materialistic possession; one cannot merely “have it”; one cannot merely decide to “get it.”  It would be erroneous, for example, to say that “I have an insight.”  Profound insight, besides not merely being what one can possess… is beyond the limitation of a fragmented, so-called central “I” or controller.  The so-called central regulatory agent may think it has something… but what it has will not likely be profound insight.  Real insight may come when the mind is intelligently empty (and not merely filled with the crass, fragmentary patterns of others). 

Unfortunately, profound insight eludes most minds.  The fact that most minds operate via fractional conflict, a fallacious (isolated) center, and operate via mostly mere details and function (with and “as”) separative patterns, has a lot to do with this.  Correct education can help us to go beyond our limited ways.  Before that can happen, educators themselves must change positively.

No doubt, most people who read this blog posting will merely reduce insight into an abstraction, to another idea.  However, doing so is like never having the passion to really look at nature; it’s like going through life with an empty heart… never really feeling.  

It may be wise to be different. (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

It may be wise to be different. (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

It may be wise to be different. (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

It may be wise to be different. (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017





Well beyond the norm…

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When sensation occurs, the mind reacts according to memory and usually categorizes or “maps” that particular sensation.  It is all well and good to do that… but just don’t do it habitually, as most people, unfortunately, do.  One can often just be intensely aware — without merely categorizing and labeling (and looking through and from those labels) — so that the mind is not dependent on a mere process of reacting.  Merely reacting sets up the mind to be rather mechanical and robotic… and that tends to create a mental environment wherein it is much easier to get bored, get depressed, seek more, or feel in a rut.  Profound insight is a living phenomenon beyond the extension of sensation via categorizing or craving; it is something majestically beyond stale reaction.  In profound insight, something new occurs to you; it comes to you, not from you; it’s not merely a re-fabricated reaction… a rehashed exercise of the brain.


Mr. I.M. Bubble-head, Esquire  --  Photo by Thomas Peace 2015

Mr. I.M. Bubble-head, Esquire — Photo by Thomas Peace 2015



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True insight is instantaneous (and timeless)… no time (or practice) is involved for it to finally come about.


[From earlier this year… these are the Stamen of a red Lily Flower.  The Anther is the top part of the Stamen and contains the Pollen, the male reproductive cells.  The Filament is lower down and holds the Anther.]

Pollen machines.  Photo by Thomas Peace 2014

Pollen machines. Photo by Thomas Peace 2014


Real insight takes place in the present…

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Real insight takes place in the present; it is never merely the result of old, stale, past knowledge and accumulation.


[These acorns from an old oak Tree accompany a lone mushroom.  If the acorns don’t grow into trees, they will decompose and will provide the mushroom with plenty of energy. Both the oak tree and the mushroom are sowing seeds for the future.]

Seeds of life!  Photo by Thomas Peace 2014

Seeds of life! Photo by Thomas Peace 2014


In Memory of Those Budding Children who faded today…

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In Memory of those Budding Children who faded today…

They were beautifully blossoming… and such precious flower buds should never be overshadowed or clipped.

(An insane madman, of darkness, did some ignorant overshadowing.)

from Emily Dickinson:

On such a night, or such a night,
Would anybody care
If such a little figure
Slipped quiet from its chair —

So quiet — Oh how quiet,
That nobody might know
But that the little figure
Rocked softer — to and fro —

On such a dawn, or such a dawn —
Would anybody sigh
That such a little figure
Too sound asleep did lie

For Chanticleer to wake it —
Or stirring house below —
Or giddy bird in orchard —
Or early task to do?

There was a little figure plump
For every little knoll —
Busy needles, and spools of thread —
And trudging feet from school —

Playmates, and holidays, and nuts —
And visions vast and small —
Strange that the feet so precious charged
Should reach so small a goal!

Katy and her blossoming flowers...Thomas Peace c. 2012

Katy and her blossoming flowers…
Thomas Peace c. 2012


Meditation: How not to Meditate


from Thomas Peace

True meditation is not something that one can know that one is engaged in.  Like humility, true meditation occurs to the mind unawares; it is not something that can be recognized.  One can not “know” that one is humble.  Likewise, one cannot “know” that one is meditating. True meditation and true humility are both beyond the field of “the known.”  Therefore, both are beyond the realm of recognition by the self; for recognizing is in the field of “the known,” whereas humility and meditation are of “understanding” and not “knowing.”

To practice meditation is folly.  For one cannot practice what is beyond causality.  One can practice what is within a cause and effect continuum — such as learning to play a man-made instrument — but true meditation is an all-encompassing, non-conditioned, non-fragmentary thing.  Therefore, it is beyond the realm methodology within phenomena involving common causality.  Interestingly, a lot of people claim that they practice a form of meditation.  However, true meditation, being beyond what can be mechanically “practiced” within causality, does not exist for such erroneous individuals.  You can practice something rather dead and mechanical… but you can’t practice “aliveness,”  “awareness,” “insightful compassion,” and “holistic understanding”… and that (despite what many so-called experts say) is what meditation may really involve.

A wise, sagacious mind is (in itself) meditation.  However, such meditation is not something that it practices as part of some methodology.  A wise, sapient mind goes beyond the clutches of practice and methods… because such a mind intelligently goes beyond the field of the “known.”  Such a mind goes beyond the realm of mere symbols and representations that words and labels are a part of.  Such a mind goes beyond mere symbols… but not by any process of practice or methodology.  True insight is instantaneous: no time is involved for it to (finally) come about.  All methods and forms of practice take time.  A wise mind (of true meditation) exists beyond what takes time in order to manifest.  Interestingly, true meditation, being beyond mere practice and being beyond mere methods… is, in a significant way, beyond the causality of time.

Beware of those charlatans who offer a concrete form of meditation to you (for you to practice).  What they give you may make you feel happy or comfortable for a limited time. However, what is not true meditation is merely a crutch.  It is not the indelible gem of many indescribable facets.  So, regarding those that offer you some form of methodology or prayer to attain enlightenment: run from them and do not fall into their clutches.  Meditation is only what can occur for the individual of (and by) his (or her) own accord.  It is a harmony that others cannot bestow upon you.  Read my book (about self-awareness) at  The book will not provide you with mechanical methods to practice (like some kind of robot); it will not give you methodologies to follow like some kind of lemming.  It will, however, encourage you to wake up and realize that what you do in infinitely important.  However, if you are merely a “follower” and a lemming, then what you do will always be limited and confined.  True meditation never blossoms forth from what is always merely limited and confined.  True meditation is an explosion of infinite awareness and understanding… an awareness and understanding that no one can merely regulate out to you.

from Emily Dickinson:

A COUNTERFEIT — a plated Person —

I would not be —

Whatever strata of Iniquity

My Nature underlie —

Truth is Good Health — and Safety, and the Sky,

How meager, what an Exile — is a Lie,

And Vocal — when we die —


Warm Regards,

Thomas Peace (author)

Photograph of Butterfly by Thomas Peace copyright 2012

Photograph of Butterfly by Thomas Peace copyright 2012