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Love exists beyond mere separation…




Instead of being images “about things,” can the mind perceive beyond all of the absorbed mental patterns and labels that it has accumulated?  In actuality, most minds are a result of the accumulation; (i.e, they actually are the accumulation).  This “accumulation” often intrinsically involves “looking at things via separation” as one of its core attributes.

Perception beyond mere pigeonholing can take place.  (We are not suggesting that one should not label things; we are suggesting that one need not always be doing it habitually.  It takes dynamic intelligence to go beyond robotic habit.)  Real perception, beyond the mere separation between subject and object, can take place.  However, it takes real innocence, real simple-purity to do that and, unfortunately, the masses are (for the most part) incapable of that.  (However, corruption does have its trivial perks.)



Nothing between us… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019



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  1. What a beauty! To know that we must unlearn everything that we learn to “survive” as a separate being is counter instinctual.


    • I wouldn’t so much call it “unlearn”; it is more an intelligent going beyond the known (at times); when (and if) profound insight occurs, there is a fundamental restructuring in the brain cells (which goes beyond standard modes in an excellent way); but, of course, necessary learned components are retained.
      Yes, that survival instinct is heavily ingrained within us (over countless generations) with its inherent view of “separateness.” Nowadays, however, we must go beyond primitive “separateness” or we will destroy each other in endless wars and destroy the planet out of indifference.


  2. Love is heart-driven and unconditional when we remove the superficial conditions of course! 😉 Somehow humans have a difficult time doing that. We are a judgmental species. 😦 Love your photo by the way! 😀


  3. Very beautiful – another up close picture of a butterfly, only a side profile this time. The details are amazing Tom.


      • I’m hoping the butterflies cooperate at the butterfly garden event today – the weather folks promise sun and said it would be cooler … at 4:30 a.m. when I got up, it was 72 degrees and very humid and a bit foggy – hmmm – my idea of cooler and their idea of cooler differs greatly! So I go on a walk closer to home shortly where shade is in force!

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