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I’m A Texas Longhorn





I’m a Texas Longhorn
as rugged as they come
I wish that people would gustatorily leave us alone
and not try to exploit most of us (one by one)

Since they don’t leave us alone
I’ll put my hands together and solemnly pray
that we bovine could somehow grow angel wings
and fly the hell away




Texas Longhorn … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. this remind monkey of poem by issa: look, don’t kill that fly./It is making a prayer to you/By rubbing its hands and feet together.


  2. Grinning when I got down to the image – not at all what I expected! (As always, an educational post – about time I knew not all longhorns match the University of Texas mascot.)


  3. great shot Tom, also a wonderful poem, nice metaphor – did you ever catch up with that 90s song Cows With Guns?


  4. There have been people who’ve put longhorn horns on their vehicles — I’m not sure they’d be so willing to adorn the family truck with this! I like to find what I call nature’s analogies, and the longhorn insect/steer comparison certainly qualifies!


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