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Before After Came




Before after came
it took some time to remember
which, of course, came before
now was ever formulated

Supposedly, depending on circumstances,
once upon a time
was reading this 
before the story’s ending was
like a grin without a face
or a tear without an “I”
as what was up



Note:   Buffalo Treehopper…  The eye is not a double-exposure; that is how the eye and eye edge actually look.

Buffalo Treehopper… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. Beautiful photo and I love the verse. It sure beats, once upon a time. Before after came is my new/old favorite story beginning/ending…


    • Thanks much, Dorinda! I’ve seen them a number of times before but they are very elusive. They tend to see you way before you see them and they almost always turn to the far side of the branch that they are on, such that you will not see anything. They have superb vision; maybe those dual eye-slits help even more with stereoscopic vision.


  2. As soon as I read “a grin without a face” I was smiling myself — at my memory of the Cheshire Cat. And tree hoppers are new to me. I know leaf hoppers, but they’re not quite as fancy as this one.


  3. wonderful words and photo, Thomas, have a nice weekend, hope Marla is okay, greets to Tweetie, too. Mitza


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