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Snakes Alive! Haiku



                      y hate
         see you
         r true




Bull Snake Admiration… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. What a wonderful, eye-to-eye view you’ve offered. The expression on its face is so appealing — just delightful.


  2. A wonderful photo and I love how you’ve snaked your text.


  3. It’s a very beautiful snake!😊 I had a corn snake for many years but now I only meet wild snakes to take shoots of them. Our European grass snake is also beautiful, black with yellow or white marks on the head. I have shoot many of them, but they are so shy so you must catch them and hold them for a while so they get almost tame.


  4. Cool shape poem & photo! When I hold snakes I’m always impressed by their muscles. You can feel their power.


  5. Though indeed I dislike them very much, (and never saw them beautiful) I loved your work of art Tom 🙂 Very nice!


  6. This was very clever of you Tom and the accompanying photo is amazing as well. I don’t like creepy crawlies and have to say I’ve never seen a snake, but I’d likely be afraid of it if I saw it. I’d hightail it pretty fast and the snake would say “what did I do?”


    • You’ve never seen a snake?! It’s a very sad statement about our environment if, with all the hiking that you passionately do, that you’ve never seen a snake! What a world! If you run into one, give it a chance and admire it; it’s the people that are the real dangerous ones! 🙂


      • Nope, never saw one and years ago my parents rented a cottage in Alpena, Michigan. My father saw a snake and chopped its head off with an axe then came in to tell my mom and I about how he made it safe for us to go outside the cottage. We didn’t ask questions, what type of snake, how big, etc. but I’ve never seen a snake at all. I hope I never see one while hiking around in the bushes … I would be scared of its bite. I am more scared of creepy crawlies … I’m afraid they will run up my legs or land on me.

  7. I enjoy the bull snakes, garter snakes and others. I don’t even mind the rattlers, unless they decide to move in!


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