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Mediocrity and the Unconditioned



Most of us, i feel, were educated to accept innumerable fallacies as facts and as ordinary phenomena to be taken for granted.  These have been presented to us since birth and, although it wasn’t deliberate indoctrination, the word “indoctrination” is very applicable to what actually has largely taken place.  In our youth, we were not encouraged to deeply question society’s values, doctrines, principles, beliefs, and systems (and go beyond them).  We were molded to conform, to remain with (and “as”) the status quo, to accept competition… and deviating from that (significantly) was definitely not tolerated.   Some people, reading or hearing about this, would say, “Yes, I know,” or “Yes, I realize that.”   It is unlikely, however, that many have even the foggiest idea of just how vast the conditioning (and indoctrination) runs into their lives.   We were not brought up to be truly open, creative, questioning, deeply insightful human beings; we were, for the most part, programmed to be copiers, replicators, and obedient parts of the machine.    

Most of us do not see the world as “one organism”; we perceive the many parts, many species, many others, many sections.   We’ve used thought (as we were taught to) for advantageous purposes, yet most all of us greatly overuse it (dwelling, almost exclusively, in that realm).  (Some of us who absorbed calculated methods to go beyond thought, by sitting on mats and all such planned nonsense, have substituted mere glorified hypnotic technique to displace thinking, all the while thinking something great has been accomplished.)  Very few of us have intelligently seen the limitation of thinking and have truly (intelligently) gone beyond that limitation.   Thinking, being the sequential arrangement of symbols (that it is)… is always partial, always very limited.  Thinking is a very necessary tool, a necessary instrument that is extremely useful (at times); however, at other times, it is unnecessary to remain in (and “as”) the realm of thinking.  Need the mind always merely exist as symbols, as sequential tokens to attain (or “represent”) something?   The very supposed core of most people’s selves consists of fragmentary images and symbols (such as “me” and “I”) that they have absorbed from others.  So many are existing in a virtual world of man-made images and fabricated constructs that consist primarily of mere representational ideas and habitually learned patterns.

 Real perception, real intelligence goes beyond all this — and that is where the real bliss and eternity exists — not by accumulating more methodologies, not by absorbing more systems and patterns, not by blindly adhering to more authority.  The truly perceptive mind looks without outward and inward authority.  It sees beyond the symbolic, the partial, and the taught.  Such a mind is of real bliss and order.  It has no teacher, no resting place, no anchor that others have provided in (and “as”) the past.  Without looking with (and “as”) the dead past, such a mind may be truly free, pristine, and unspoiled.  There is no procedure or “how” regarding getting there.  A lot of people prefer to comfortably remain in the leftover debris that was shoveled to them, and they call it “security” and “wellbeing,” yet they remain full of anxiety, uncertainty, and sorrow.   Real (fundamental) security and genuine bliss, however, go beyond the residual norms of a fragmented, nocuous society.     




Together … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


Gold, the Eternal Treasure




Denzel Epinstein ambled with a very crooked leg

         His perceptions,though,were not jaded and askew

Mary Whitnun power-walked with perfect knees and thighs

         Her subservient perceptions were full of broken fragments and distortion


Ed Sedentary was perpetually glued to his television

         Temporary things were seen with separation and phosphorescent isolation

Tina Flow appeared to be alone in the golden meadows of nature

         She wasn’t,however,apart from all of the wondrous and magnificent creatures




Grasshopper on Tugged Sunflower (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Grasshopper on Tugged Sunflower (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


Awareness vs. Conditioned Responsiveness…




It is very difficult for people to fundamentally change.  One realizes, all too well, that whatever is written here, and in my other posts, will likely not have much of a meaningful impact for most who are reading this.  People cling to their traditions, to what they have absorbed in school and to what they swallowed from others in the distant past; they cling to deeply ingrained conditioning, and (though they claim that they are changing) they are unwilling to really drop all of that baggage.  It is unfortunate that most people cannot radically and fundamentally change.

If one merely reads these posts, accepts much of what is written, and builds a bunch of mental constructs out of it… it is not what is truly blossoming whatsoever.   Awareness flowers when there is a flowering beyond mere conditioned responsiveness.  That flowering has nothing to do with effort, agreement, absorption, practice, or dead tradition.  (There, of course, remain to be oodles of religions, armies, and experts who are all too willing to give you more of those essentially unflowering falsities.)

Most people are very good at responding and reacting.  That is what they were trained (i.e., indoctrinated) to do… and it is what they were trained to remain as.  Practicing something to “be” in some state beyond that may be a foolhardy waste of time.  As was written in the “Being and Becoming” posting:  “Being and becoming are essentially the same thing.  Being, as does becoming, reinforces the self, the center, with its dependence on sensations, pleasure, and time.”  

A person can go out in nature and then be a series of mere reactions… seeing everything through a screen of images and mental compilations that one has “absorbed” from previous others in (and “as” the past).  Then, a separate image of self is projected as a learned reaction, as an obtrusion of thought/thinking, and seemingly and pretentiously identifies that with images and with other mental compilations involving nature; it then claims “I am one with nature.”   Unfortunately, however, mere reactions and obtrusions of thought may not be “one” with much of anything.  Seeing with (and from) the past (i.e., from stuffy, old memory and imagery) is existing in (and “as”) the past.

As was written in the “Being and Becoming” posting:  The intelligent mind does not try to be in a state of being, does not try to be what is non-becoming, nor does it try to be in a state of non-being.  Such trying would be a further extension of becoming and would reinforce the self and its dependence upon time.  In (psychologically) not trying to be or not be… the mind may naturally blossom as what is beyond greed, dependence (on others for how to get there), and measurement.

Awareness involves a depth, love, and a total perception that the limited domain of mere reaction cannot fathom.   Such awareness, such love, and perception — though they are not separate things —  go beyond being, beyond becoming, beyond measurement.   Eternity is involved in such awareness.



Beyond words (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Beyond words (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


Without Make and How





                                                              make and how

                                                      this lit

                                                 tlest no











                                                                and(of course)

                                                                      will be





Male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


Reactions and Beyond



All of us, in (and “as”) a succession of moments, in a series or sequence, react.  In a very wise entity, however, these reactions are not always habitual, are not always the only activity taking place.  In most people, conditioned into habits, what they actuate is always caused by some prior (usually some group of) antecedent factors.  They may think and fully feel that they are dignified and elegant and in total control (for what they allegedly “choose”); however, they usually are a reacting part of a calculated, complex matrix devised by a larger society.  Many then get stuck in mundane, dull routines and then often try to find various escapes to temporarily pull boredom out for a while.  These escapes then create further reactions, many of which do not fundamentally benefit the earth nor those upon it.

What can go beyond this is real integrity, real wholeness, and soundness.   To perceive integrally is to perceive beyond the fragments.  Thought, being symbolic and partial, is inherently limited and fragmentary.  However, most are habitually composed of (and habitually dependent on) thought and thinking.  These habitual thoughts go much further (in their extent) than most realize.  Thought often separates one group from another, oneself from so-called others at a distance, and the so-called central controller from what is seen (from an alleged distance) as his or her fear.  

In a divisive, mad, chaotic world, can the mind exist as more than mere fragmented reaction?  There is a quietness, a vast humility, beyond the shadows of spurious control and manipulation.  That quietness is not the mere result of any kind of reaction, nor the product of any kind of intention or contrivance.   You cannot make yourself be quiet (as so many try to do); the so-called “maker” of the quietness is a protrusion of thought; the concocted reaction from a protrusion of thought can never be genuine quietness.   There must be a motiveless (effortless) perceiving without mere habitual rigamarole.  


Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


Real Love




Real love can’t be reasoned

        can’t be measured

                        can’t be sold

                        and doesn’t give a damn

              about having tons of $

or a stinking pot of gold


Genuine wisdom isn’t pompous

        isn’t pigheaded

                        isn’t forlorn sorrow

                        and won’t ever bring ecstatic truth

        eternal perception and blissful joy

if seriousness is 4 2morrow



Alfalfa Sulfur Butterflies (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Alfalfa Sulfur Butterflies (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017





Real mindfulness, real meditation is not sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat.  Such sitting is calculated and is structured to gain something… (which is greediness).  On the other hand, innocent, pristine awareness throughout the day (that is not merely influenced by the patterns and symbols that others have provided) may be very prudent.  Is it real awareness when one is looking with what other people have poured into one?  Is real awareness, real living, what can take place through the secondhand edicts or patterns provided by others?  When perception takes place through mere symbolic images and via learned psychological separation, is such perception what was copied from others and (additionally) limited and superficial?

It may be that secondhand has little to do with actual living.  However, many rely on (and habitually exist “as”) secondhand, without question.   



0.5 cm Scarlet-and-Green Leafhopper (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

0.5 cm Scarlet-and-Green Leafhopper (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017





[Note:  The following poem is not about the Praying Mantis; it is about the species who manufactured the metal rail that the Mantis is walking across.]




Tends to dominate other species

Some act with great order and understanding while many are indifferent and uncaring

Often fights other imaginary sub-groups of its own kind

Takes far more — in terms of the domain of other species — than its fair share

Overpopulates its own kind over the entire planet

Covers life-areas with dead concrete

Feels intelligent and superior (while it — all along — ruins the planet)

Most do not realize that they are not separate from the world as a whole

Some are very caring, considerate, and compassionate

Mentally feeds on symbols and images rather than reality

Often uses others for profit

Often blindly follows/obeys power-hungry tyrants in high positions

Some fire projectiles from held devices to put holes in  other species or in others of their own kind… rendering them lifeless

Some warmheartedly stay local, recycle, use alternative energy, and actually help nature and others of their own kind

Others hypocritically claim to love nature while they often needlessly fly for long distances in aircraft that spew out deadly fossil fuels in vast quantities

Most foolishly think that their species is separate from other species

Some refrain from harming multitudinous species who highly value their own existence

Some have real empathy while others are mere thinking/reacting machines

Most abandoned life in the trees and woodlands to become the obedient working slaves of others

Only an extremely small number have been visited by that sacred, eternal energy that is beyond the realm of standard causality and rigid boundaries

Many believe in a dominating super-organism who — up above — happens to be a tail-free ape like themselves

Most subscribe to the very primitive notion that the observer is separate from the observed

A small few exist beyond the shared madness




Shadow of Mantis in the World of Man (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Shadow of Mantis in the World of Man (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017