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Happy Edentulous Halloween!




Today i will be going to the annual Halloween Party at the school for the multiply handicapped (where i had worked as a teacher before i retired); it should be a hauntingly fun day!


I knocked out all

       of my teeth last night

       to cash in big with the Tooth Fairy

       and fill my pockets right


I’ll be buyin’ candy wid all of dat cash

       which i’ll sweetly eat right away

       (and the beauty is dat

       i’ll not have to worry about tooth decay!)



Halloween Tooth Fairy Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


True Simplicity



Most of us each look with psychological space between a posited “I” and what that “I” — which is actually manufactured — supposedly sees from a distance.   Even when a psychological fear takes place, we each tend to see it from a distance, as what each one of us “has,” rather than seeing it as what we actually are.   (This psychological distance exudes a false sense of control.)  However, if that central “I” is spurious, is mentally manufactured and not really central… and is essentially a projection of the thought process, then erroneous perception is taking place.  An illusory “I” often may necessitate a concomitant illusory (psychological distance).  The absence of a central “I” helps to curtail unnecessary psychological distance.   

We are also separated by organized (concocted) religions, countries, cultural groups, rigid beliefs, systems, and prejudices… many of which we are willing to fight and die over.

Very few of us are truly simple (in an intelligent way) beyond the absorbed conflict, rifts, and illusory boundaries and spaces that were provided by way of direct or indirect indoctrination.  The wise mind that transcends the very crass and illusory notion of a central “I” or “me” will live among many who habitually cling to absorbed images of a central self.  Such a wise mind usually must function in a vast population of delusion and falsities.   It may be that the very essence of those habitually expressing unnecessary psychological space consists of duplicity and inaccuracy.  Deep compassion and profound holistic relationship occur not a moment sooner than when (psychologically) the limited “I” is wisely and fully transcended.   When the limited “I” is wisely and fully transcended, needless separation and wasteful conflict end. 



Snout Butterfly (Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017)









The Greatest Halloween Terror is not a Spider


“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.


Halloween is a candylicious 

        fun for kids time of year

        and the ugly monster

        with the orangish hair

        (who is a reflection of a sick national immorality)

        is mostly what we should fear




Halloween Spider (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Halloween Spider (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


Many dead from the heart up…




We exist in a world society that largely operates with a very amoral morality.  It’s a society where ruthless competition is so hammered into people that many do it without question.  It’s a society where it is largely accepted to destroy large parts of nature with chemicals, abuse, polluting fuels, and endless cement.  It is a society where little is said or felt about human population control (as humans, as a species, are taking way more than their fair share quantitatively/environmentally).  It’s a society where separation and division are often encouraged and reinforced.  It’s a society where it’s easy to fit in (and be accepted) if one is indifferent, barbarous, and manipulating.  It’s a society where, for example, one is often accepted and congratulated while one claims to love nature, all the while frequently flying long distances in fossil-fuel (very polluting) aircraft from continent to continent to take pictures of animals and plant life… although they are all are being choked off by pollutants and fumes.  Of course, there are some who are truly sympathetic and good (even in a society that, for the most part, is of corruption and chaos).  Many more are living in tiny houses, recycling, staying local, reproducing less, intentionally using less, using alternative energy, and are truly doing more to make a difference.

To really find out what happens at death, one must, first and foremost, understand life/living.  One isn’t, however, even actually living if one is a cadaverous clone of stale traditions and secondhand (accepted) suppositions.  Most were not encouraged to doubt, to question.  However, intelligent doubting and sensitive questioning may help an individual bloom beyond rigid, rigor mortis states.  Many end up being buried six feet down even though they were never fully alive in the first place, unfortunately.  To go through life merely reacting (from what was poured into one) may not be real living whatsoever.  Too many assume that they are actually alive.  It may be that if genuine enlightenment would ever happen to you, as a visitation by that sacred immeasurability, you would definitely realize that we truly live in the land of the dead.  Do not ever merely accept what i say or write.  Find out for yourself.  Please do not be like dead clay.




Buckeye Butterfly (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Buckeye Butterfly (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017








Let us go and make our visit…



Thither we go
        into a half-baked poem
        hardly worth reading

We will continue to read it
        despite its repulsive tendencies
        to bring us closer to mediocrity 

unless we allow the eyes to feast
        on the accompanying photos
        which are not as puerile and spineless
        as the poem currently being read

Of course the poem can be
        memorized and recited
        if you’d like to fail to impress your friends
        (who are imprisoned in all standard misconceptions)

Any disreputable poem
        such as this one
        neglects to suggest anything profound
        and declines to mention
        the beauty of nature

You (Mr. Prufrock) heard them each to each
        Go ahead and eat your peach
        I too am an easy tool
        and i too grow old
        (the bottom of my trousers rolled)


Enfolded (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Enfolded (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017






Sensibility can involve and does involve the ability to receive sensations.  We wholeheartedly pursue pleasurable sensations throughout our life.  We often avoid sensations that are unpleasant or uncomfortable.  Thoughts are often involved in the pursuit of pleasurable sensations and in the avoidance of uncomfortable sensations.  Reactions, as thoughts and feelings, often involve sensations of various types… and pursuit or avoidance involving them.  Many of the cravings and evasions of people are learned (i.e., absorbed from others).  What others — in overall society — pursue and crave is often examined and copied.  Needless to say, in this day and age, many are into heavy partying, exotic vacations, and all kinds of entertainment.  Much of this involves endlessly trying to find exciting and pleasurable sensations.  

One can go on, for many decades, perpetually pursuing one pleasurable experience after another (ruining the environment along the way)… just as one has learned to do by observing many others (who buzz along in large fossil-fueled vehicles).  It may be, however, that the values involved in a life of doing that kind of thing are rather superficial, without real depth.  To remain in such a state may be rather infantile.  Sensibility can also, beyond the aforementioned involvement with limited sensations, pertain to an acute awareness with an overall accompanying perception and intelligence involving what is significant and prudent. Real prudence involves sagacity and sensibility beyond what was merely poured into one by others.  Such prudence goes far beyond what is merely pleasurable into realms that help life and humanity (without getting anything in return).  The childish mind will be incapable of such prudence; real depth will elude such a mind.  

Endlessly pursuing one pleasure after another (without depth), and a donkey perpetually chasing a carrot suspended from a stick tied to its saddle, both have a lot in common.  Intelligence goes beyond mere reaction; it is not what is bound in (and “as”) endless reactions.  What is restricted and circumscribed is limited.  Sensibly going beyond the limitations of what is ordinary may be real intelligence.  The carrot is really not something that is truly separate from the donkey, though he thinks it is.  The next time desire takes place, please consider the possibility that it is what you actually are, not merely what you have.



Carrot Groping (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Carrot Groping (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


The leader and the lead… should be obsolete in this day and age.



Here I am riding on the Solar Sunflower Express

        in first class.

Down below,in third class,a lowly soldier beetle rests;

        he has connections on the web

        but he is way below my esteemed riches.

I have my feelers out for the lush,green cash to be had,

        and I feel secure in my dominance and expertise.

As for the servile soldier beetle,well, 

        he better hope that he is fit enough to fight in the 

        battles that I decree.

Now please excuse me while I give some

        top-rate tobacco a little chew.




Riding the Solar Sunflower Express (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Riding the Solar Sunflower Express (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


What a lot of us go through



A lot of us go through unbelievable hardships in life.  Very many of us have had to go through tremendous turmoil, unfortunate tragedies, and unbelievably tough times.   For some of us, maybe our parents were rather cruel and unstable; or perhaps such was the case regarding some of our teachers or classmates.  Or maybe some of us have had to deal with significant physical or socioeconomic handicaps.  Many of us have had to face real pain involving the loss of a loved one or dear friend.  Most of us were shaped to be programmed by a society that is competitive, money oriented, and extremely superficial (in terms of deep meaning and real integrity).  Most of us have been harmed psychologically (by cruelty and indifference); many of us do not even realize the vast extent of the damage that has been done to us.  Beyond the past, we all, whether we like it or not, are facing a very precarious future.  The world is getting more and more dangerous, more and more divided; we have not fundamentally changed (psychologically) since our early barbarian ancestry days.  And now, with nuclear armaments being able to wipe out billions and with germ warfare a real possibility, here we sit.  Violent winds and ferocious storms and wildfires are increasing as pollution gets far worse, as many politicians are indifferent, and as fossil fuelled homes and vehicles run rampant.

Given the aforementioned circumstances, it would be very arduous to be truly stable in such a tough, unstable world (such as it is).  It would be very easy to remain truly stale in such a tough, unstable world (such as it is).  One cannot really blame others for their staleness and lack of depth; they were educated and programmed to be that way.  Many cannot change; many do not want to change.  We were taught that we are separate from each other.  We were taught that we are different.  Within all of the vast darkness, there can be light and real intensity.  That light must shine from you; it cannot merely be given by another.  Such light is never really just secondhand; however, darkness can easily be secondhand (or of a residual, shadow-like, cold recurrence).   To be a truly bright human being, here, has little to do with intellectual capacity, with copying and mimicking.  




Struggling in Life (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Struggling in Life (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


The Reader is the Read





In the reading of a poem
the depth of the poem may have meaning
which,coincidentally,depends upon
the depth of the reader
not that the reader and the poem
are necessarily two separate things

If superficiality is involved
it may be with regard to the poem itself
or it may involve the perception of the reader
not that the perception and the reader are separate
not that the poetry and the depth are necessarily separate
as when the reader and the read are not two separate things
which,in a world of tremendous conflict,friction,and division,
might not be a bad thing whatsoever



Fall (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Fall (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017





There is a psychological cessation that is beyond the parameters of motivation, desire, or striving.  It involves a timelessness that is beyond sequential methodologies and practices.  Such a cessation is a discontinuance of the same-old mental symbols, same-old perspectives involving separation, and same-old mental traditions.  Such a cessation is natural, healthy, intelligent, and is not merely what can be measured.  Those who perpetually and habitually function in (and “as”) the parameters of thought (endlessly using dead sequential symbols to cogitate about things) cannot be of such a living timelessness.

There is no path to such a cessation, such a timelessness… for, if there was, it would be reducing such a timelessness to being just another part of the continuum of temporal manifestations; there are plenty of charlatan priests, gurus, and so-called religious masters who are all too willing to give you the path (and methods), however.  A lone Bumblebee went from flower petal to flower petal, caught in a sequence of endless reactions that never were transcended, never fully understood.




Immersed in reaction (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Immersed in reaction (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017