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Beyond Linear Time…



In the excellent movie “Arrival,” which is now out on DVD, aliens come to earth to help humanity (and themselves).  One thing that they do, for humanity — while behind a thick, glass-like barrier (separating them from the humans) within their spacecraft —  is to reveal, to humans, the erroneousness and primitive nature of linear time.  Most of us, by the way, think and perceive exclusively in terms of linear time.  This movie hit home with me because for many years one was not fooled by the illusion of linear time.  In the movie, there was someone (and there were those) who could see the future as if it was not separate from the present in any way, shape, or form. 

Throughout my childhood,  my siblings and i knew (all too well) what it meant when my mother would say that she “had a feeling” about someone.  It meant that that person was about to pass away within the next few days, even if they were healthy.  We always wondered if she’d “have a feeling” about one of us!  Whatever it was that my mother had must have some form of genetic makeup (or something) because i tend to see things beyond the mere present too.   What i see, fortunately, doesn’t involve death or dying; it entails more ordinary occurrences, for the most part.  This has been going on ever since i was a kid.  Some examples, for instance:   When i was a very young boy, we — my friends and i — would go to the corner store to purchase some snacks, like a bag of potato chips or some Mr. Freezies.  My grandmother never went shopping, never went to that store… but on one particular day as we headed toward the store, with the store far from where we were, i had a strange feeling.  I felt that my grandmother would be in that store when we arrived there, and that i would be a bit embarrassed about running into her there.   When we later arrived at the corner store, she was there; she said something to me, in front of my friends, that made me feel a bit embarrassed.  And more recently, for example:  I would see mental images of our large garage overhanging door (and wonder why i would be having recurrent images about something silly like that)… and later come home to find out that my wife (without consulting me whatsoever) had a new garage door installed.  Or i would have repeated visions about a woman (Sandy F.) who was a direct-care assistant at the school for the handicapped where i worked before i retired.  However, she (Sandy F.) was one of the direct-care assistants in some other teacher’s classroom… not mine.  (I thought: “Why would i be repeatedly having images of her, since she wasn’t even in my classrom?)  A day or so later, i was invited to come to a retirement party for a teacher who was retiring from the school where i used to work; she was the teacher in whose class Sandy F. worked in as a direct-care assistant.   Later, when at the retirement party, the woman who i was seeing visions of was sitting right next to me at the dinner table of the restaurant; then they told me that Sandy F. was going to be taking over the classroom as the new teacher.  I congratulated her (while she had a big smile on her face)!  Just the other day, while still in bed in the morning, i had a vision of being in a vehicle and starting to crash into the side of a big semi truck.  That day, i went shopping… and on the way home — in my car — was stopped at a four-way stop intersection.  It was my turn to go, after a stop, but a big semi truck (perpendicular to my car) came roaring through the intersection without stopping (only very slightly slowing down).  I am more than glad that i wisely hesitated at that intersection! 

There is a lot more (much more, in fact), involving this, that one can tell you about, but i definitely think that it is best left unsaid (and private); it is way more involved than what i have ever told others (including my wife)… way more involved.  There are very deep implications in all this.  Like the movie suggests, we are a very primitive species, though we think that we are highly evolved.  The world isn’t flat; this one is the only real viable one we have; we can’t mindlessly trash this one and fly away to escape to some other pristine sphere.  And finally, in ending this posting, i will refer to Albert Einstein who said, “For those of us who believe in physics, the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”



For Your Eyes Only (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

For Your Eyes Only (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


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  1. that was really interesting, Thomas. I wouldn’t have guessed that you were a person that knows foreboding. Well, I know that, too. I have a telepathic relation to some special people and can feel what happens to/with them. It’s sometimes scary and I never talked about it until now. Thanks for sharing, have a nice day, regards Mitza


    • Good that you are talking about it, Mitza! 🙂
      Once, many years ago, when i lived in Michigan, while my parents lived in Illinois… i was injured (by a cut) very badly. I didn’t call my parents to tell them about it; but the very next day, my parents rushed to Michigan. My mother came crashing into the house (rather hysterical) and shouted, “What happened to you?” Without a phone call, without any regular means of communication, she clearly knew something serious had happened.


      • These are really extraordinary abilities, Thomas. I once felt that a friend had died and that I would have an accident, etc., etc. But sometimes these abilities are frightening, regards Mitza

  2. I also enjoyed the movie Arrival. 🙂
    The way I think of your (and others’) experiences is that an event happening in the future is like a stone thrown into a pond. Ripples spread out in all directions and you, in the past, pick up on those ripples and ‘see’ the event.
    I’m glad that there are still mysteries out there. It’s good not to know the answer to everything. 🙂


    • So great that you enjoyed the movie, Scifi! 🙂
      Very interesting theory, Scifi! Yes, it is a lot like that, i think! The implications of the whole thing are very deep… if one wants to go there. I sure do! (With regard to holograms, one fragment of a hologram, illuminated by a coherent laser, contains an impression of the whole.)
      I love the mysterious too! That’s where the magic actually happens! 🙂


      • Yes, and I like that there are still mysteries out there. Things we may never understand or explain away. Which is great! 🙂
        Also, I forgot to say, I love your spider photo! He has little green circles in his eyes that make him look like he’s wearing tiny specs! 🙂

  3. I find your post amazing. I also loved the movie “Arrival” I suppose I could relate to it quite well. My mother and I have always had that… something in us which gave us the ability to sense future happenings. Let me share one interesting thing that happened to me. I am 52 years old. When I was a young girl around the age of 12, I began to experience dreams of myself walking along, and suddenly large holes would open up in the ground. I had these dreams sporadically throughout my teens and into my early twenties. Then, when I turned 23 I moved with my parents to Florida where I discovered the phenomenon of “sinkholes.” I never heard of sinkholes before, until I moved to Florida–and haven’t had another dream about holes opening up in the ground after my move to Florida. I honestly believe that my dreams represented knowledge of my future that I had not recognized as part of myself.


    • That is very interesting! 🙂 This was a very significant move for you and the dreams were a way of telling you about them. Personally, i do not dream very often; but, when i do, it often has implications for the future. Learned implications for the future can be valuable (for the future)! 🙂


    • Ha! Not really! There is a difference between the past, present, and future… but not a separation. If you’re at what is actually a three-way stop, for example, you get in trouble if you see (and exclusively focus on) only one stop sign… the one you are nearest to (or at). It can be very beneficial to perceive the whole thing! 🙂


  4. Ok Tom, so now I understand so much more about your situation, your predicament. I’m glad you decided to post this, sure it’ll fall in the right place somehow…


  5. Those eyes!

    Interestingly, I have had flashes of “perception” throughout my life, diminishing somewhat as I get older. I never know whether they are just coincidence, although some have been amazingly accurate in their detail.


  6. Wow…quite the eyes, Tom! I can’t report any premonitions, just one
    really acute instance of deja vu that freaked me out as a child.


  7. Good read! How incredible that you can vision what’s ahead. I like how you concluded the post. Thank you, Tom!
    I also have watched the Arrival, a great movie.


  8. Very interesting Tom your experiences. I saw the movie and I liked it a lot, especially the part of the universal language; I have also had very strange forebodings and happenings in my life, what I call magic; It is in us to be able to develop that intuition and open our mind. Thanks for sharing.


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