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A mind that is endlessly groping is of a certain kind of internal poverty…



A mind that is not constantly groping may be a deeply profound mind, a sapient mind, not merely a mind that is lazy or unproductive.  Most of us pursue more and more entertaining experiences, more and more sensational things to see or partake in.  It’s our habit.  Once something is experienced, we usually then (eventually) get bored with it to one extent or another, and then want different experiences… further things to experience.  Few of us ever delve into this whole process and examine it deeply.  We were, for the most part, educated to strive for things the way we do, and we take for granted that that is the way everyone functions as.  

Of course, it is healthy and prudent to investigate into things, to have some interesting hobbies and interests to explore.  Few of us, however, perceive the wisdom that involves — in addition to striving and exploring — perceiving beyond mere experiencing and mental-cataloguing.  When he (or she) who is “experiencing” realizes that he (or she) is not really separate from the experiences… then a different kind of intelligence may be functioning.  That lack of separation may also involve, in a very sagacious mind, the cessation of time… (since it takes time to merely continue seeing things via separative psychological processes).  Psychological distance, for so many — such as between an ego and an object — involves psychological time… such as the time it takes to label or mentally categorize (i.e., recognize) an object from a so-called center, the time it takes to crave a certain ability, the time it takes to deal with (or come to terms with) a certain fear, or the time it takes to crave a certain pleasurable experience.   A mind that understands directly, without internally fabricated separation, is beyond these internal, contradictory sequences and, hence, is not merely involved in fragmentary, psychological time.  Ordinary psychological time always involves separative, fragmentary, mental constructs (that often grope, avoid, judge, resist, and pigeonhole).  A wise mind goes beyond these separative elements (internally) and often is beyond mere “reactions” and conditioned responses.  In such a mind, there is not always mere striving for more and more experiences, amusements, or entertainment; such a mind, being beyond mere separation and groping (which take time), may be what real bliss is.  This bliss has nothing to do with achievement, categorization, gain, or recognition.   

For so many, experience is like a carrot hanging by a string, attached to a pole; and the donkey endlessly keeps going after the carrot.  However, the donkey never perceives that the pole is attached to the donkey — that there is no real separation there — and that the donkey and the carrot are not separate whatsoever.  Groping and experience are splendid, at times, but so is not groping and not being a mere puppet to endless experience.  So many of us, though, are so immersed in the habit of experiencing and groping… that we are at a loss for existing as anything else.

Resting (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Resting (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


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  1. O, I just loved this perception, Tom. So timely for me. ‘When he (or she) who is “experiencing” realizes that he (or she) is not really separate from the experiences… then a different kind of intelligence may be functioning..”This eems to hold the key for me. to come out of my cycle of ending up bored too often.
    Thanks. 🙂 Cheers.


    • Great that you perceive something in it, Ansi! 🙂 I do think it definitely involves a blossoming that can go beyond boredom. When i was a younger, i would get bored at times. Now, following a deeper perception, boredom is a thing of the past. We were indoctrinated to be groping, to be accepting of ordinary values and to conform; we weren’t encouraged to be explosively uncontaminated, compassionate in the deepest sense, infinitely curious, or to be beyond mere reactions.


  2. . 🙂 I do think it definitely involves a blossoming that can go beyond boredom.


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