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Two Special Poems about my dear Uncle Lefty



When my dear uncle Lefty was in prison

          he wasn’t keen about Loop Quantum Cosmology at all

He was much more interested in the thickness

          of his cold prison cell wall


When my dear uncle Lefty finally left prison

          he wasn’t interested in visiting me nor my uncle Ed

He was more intent on staying permanently stiff

          and forever remaining dead


[Note:    The attached photograph is either of my uncle Lefty (who may or may not exist) or of a model of a Neanderthal at the Chicago Field Museum.  Which is it?  I won’t tell you, but i do have a big smile on my face as this is being written.]



          When my dear uncle Lefty was in prison

he’d secretly dig at his cell wall whenever there was loud thunder

           When my dear uncle Lefty finally got out of prison

the digging was all conveniently done for him(as he was six feet under)

My dear uncle Lefty (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

My dear uncle Lefty (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

My dear uncle Lefty (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

My dear uncle Lefty (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016




Six-Legged Santa! (The Santa of the insect domain lands on our roof!)


Merry Christmas to all of you two-legged, four-legged, and six-legged friends!  🙂

Santa is real…  real love and giving!   Anyone can be the Santa of others.

[Interesting how Santa, when we were very young, was something to get excited about and cherish.  Then, as we get older, many see Santa as being something rather spurious and unreal.  This has connotations that spill over into spirituality and religion.  Many people do not (really) feel that anything truly mysterious and magical (as a sacred phenomenon) can exist.  Deep inquiry, in this regard, is often considered to be a waste of time by many.   Disbelief can be as blinding as mindless belief; insight goes beyond these.]

Happy Holidays!


To function only as mere secondary after-effects… what is that?  Most of us always function as responses to stimuli… one response (or set of responses) after another.  Thinking about things involves responses to stimuli.  Recognizing things constitutes responses to stimuli.  These responses are reactions.  They are much like the reaction when the leg jerks after the knee is tapped with a soft mallet.  Most of us are conditioned responses in a cause/effect continuum.  Conditioned responses (as effects), occurring in (and “as”) a sequence, is time.  Thinking is time; thinking and time are not two separate things.

Can consciousness function without merely always being one series of reactions (in sequence) after another?  Can the mind be aware without merely reacting, recognizing, labeling, and without merely seeing from an image of self?  Can a wise mind exist without constantly being a myriad of effects due to a myriad of causes?  To answer these questions adequately, what will one do?  Will one answer them by way of reaction?

Can thought, when it is not needed — and, oftentimes, it is not necessary — not habitually function in (and “as”) the mind?  If it is thought that merely answers the aforementioned question, is the question being intelligently answered?  Does love go beyond mere thought and time?  

 If one’s love is a mere reaction — formulated to get something in return, contrived to get some kind of result for one’s personal self — is it partial and, therefore, not profound and not very substantial at all?  Love exists when the image of self is not.  It takes time and thought to concoct an image of self (with all the associated desires and fears).  Profound love is timeless.

Six-legged Santa! (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Six-legged Santa! (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Six-legged Santa! (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Six-legged Santa! (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016




Pristine Order



When pristine order

            spreads out to apparently be disorder

well,we’ll be in the disorder then

            even though the spreading out

really is not separation


When the winged bird 

            spreads her wing feathers

well,we’ll be the flying then

            even though the wing feathers

do not dwell as separation


When the present time

            spreads out to apparently become the future

well,we’ll be the movement then

            even though the past and future

do not dwell as separation


[Note:  We need to look at existence in totally new ways, ways that are intelligent (and no longer primitive) and that reflect real discoveries about reality and time.  Time is not what we have preassumed it to be.  One, personally, has realized this stuff decades ago.  This, spiritually and philosophically, has very deep implications.  It may very well be that the past is not just gone or that the future does not yet exist.  Take the time to watch the video that is at the bottom section of this posting (following my photos), please.  Additionally, there is a fuller version of this documentary; go to YouTube, and look up “The Illusion of Time, Full Documentary.”]

Well, we'll be the flying then (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Well, we’ll be the flying then (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Well,we'll be the flying then (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Well,we’ll be the flying then (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016









































The Limitation of Experience



Many of us go through existence presupposing things and assuming so many things because of the way we were taught (i.e., because of the way we absorbed patterns from others).  We need to question more.  We need to question things deeply, wisely, and passionately.  There is a real art to questioning.  One can easily fabricate superficial questions that are not of great meaning and depth.  However, asking essential (fundamental) questions concerning the very essence of life and existence…. is not what a lot of people engage in.  Many are caught in a rut, and their lack of significant questions keeps them in that rut.  Often, when such people ask questions, the questions are a mere reflection of the limitation that they exist in (and “as”).  To be trapped in a morass and just remain there — without ever realizing that one is trapped — is a sad thing; such may be the lot of many.

We take for granted that experience and knowledge — which is the accumulation of patterns over sequential time — is the one and only modus operandi that all of us must function in (and “as”) in order to succeed and prosper.  Few of us ever really question as to whether there is an additional alternative.  Many who evolved to realize that there is value in quietness and silence have (for the most part, unfortunatly) made this so-called silence into another form of “experience.”  Along these lines, people (for the most part) practice methodologies — given to them by others — to attain so-called quietness or silence.  However, it may be that any methodology or practice devised to achieve silence — via following procedures — is erroneous, if sequential patterns (no matter what they are) cannot, when practiced, produce what is truly beyond time and sequential paradigms.  It may be that calculated causes and effects cannot produce what is beyond mere “cause and effect.”

Experiencing things often is a good, prudent thing.  The truly wise mind, however, also goes beyond mere experience, doing so without any effort or methodology.  (Engaging in experiencing is largely habitual, and one does not always have to depend upon habits.  Deep intelligence doesn’t always merely remain as habits.)  Experiencing things (in the ordinary way) involves recognition, reaction, labeling, interpretation, categorization, and (often) opinion-making.  Experiencing, for so many, involves the repetitive recognition of patterns via stored (old) memory.  If this takes place (ceaselessly), as it does in so many, then the “old,” the “past,” dictates current consciousness; there can be no renewal nor alive freshness in a mind merely bound to the old past in such a way.  Often, on the other hand, the wise mind newly (i.e., without dependence on the “old”) perceives (without psychological space between an observer and what is seen).  Oftentimes, one can sagaciously look without mere separation, recognition, labeling, and reaction.  Oftentimes, for example, one can joyfully walk where there are beautiful flowers, being fully aware of them just by simply (effortlessly) looking (and deeply seeing their shape and color), but one need not necessarily label them as being beautiful, need not codify them as being flowers, need not see them from a “center” that is separate, nor classify them as being of a certain species.  

The intelligent mind that questions fundamentally and prudently often functions as “experiencing” and “labeling” precisely, accurately, and compassionately; such a mind also often effortlessly goes beyond mere experiencing.  Sequential, fragmentary patterns, for such a mind, fade into the background and there is a wholeness beyond the fabrications of man, beyond mere acquisition, and beyond mere causality.  (This may sound esoteric or exotic, but it is really very simple, involving real integrity.)  There is real bliss when psychological fragmentation and piecemeal acquisition ends; ironically, those stuck only in the sequential patterns of experience remain there to often contend with inevitable monotony and boredom.  One can try to escape the superficial in so many ways, by so many different experiences.  However, one cannot escape the superficial via endlessly more of the superficial.  


[Note:  The photo is of a Softshell Turtle.  Their shells are soft and rubbery; they are very aquatic; they have pointed heads, are quite flat, and they are very elusive.]

Softshell Turtle. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Softshell Turtle. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016


Story Time… Koan Time… (2)



I took Eternity out (on a leash) for a walk today.

Upon reaching a fire hydrant she, of course,

took forever to do her business.

I said, “Why on earth do you take so long to do your business?”

Eternity just looked at me (with her little head tilted at a cute angle),

without replying, with an inordinate stare that seemed to

permanently transcend time and the separateness of space.

Then, for what I thought was a brief moment,

the boundless leash started pulling me, ever so slightly,

and we went on and on.

We, as we went on, passed by a beautiful, enduring damsel

sitting, persistently, upon a non-evanescent ever-green tree.

Please remember that whenever you and Eternity go (or may have gone)

out for a magical walk, perhaps with a leash — wherever or whatever

you move (or had moved) through, no matter how far or short it is,

no matter how many places you visited — your consciousness  hasn’t

really moved anywhere (other than where it always was).



In the Ever-green Tree (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

In the Ever-green Tree (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

In the Ever-green Tree (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

In the Ever-green Tree (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016


That Immeasurable Energy…



There is an indelible energy that is safely beyond the conflict and turmoil of our world and universe.  It is beyond the grasp of corruption.  It exists beyond the time and space that involves competition, strife, friction, separation, and domination.  For it to visit one, one must be of an innocence and emptiness that is not a result of what others have fabricated.  Mere reactions, mere imitation, will never help it to manifest in oneself.  Reactions and any form of imitation are part of the conditioned responses that are components of the cause and effect continuum of sequential time (in limited space).  Its timelessness, its spacelessness is not what can be harnessed and captured by the limited concoctions of man.  Any methodology to “get it,” including any organized religion or plan of philosophy… is likely highly erroneous, as it is beyond sequential methods, systems, and practices.  It is too alive and immense for any dead system or calculated procedure to bring one to it.  

It is not at all likely to come to one who is immersed in corrupt and antiquated psychological frameworks involving separation and conflict.  A supposedly separate ego that (through a screen of concepts) sees itself apart from the whole of nature or mankind is not likely to be visited by it.  A (non-global) mind that clings to man-made, separative countries and religions that (directly and indirectly) divide man against man will not likely be visited by it.  A mind that thoughtlessly pollutes life or that indifferently harms life’s creatures will not likely ever be visited by it.  Although many distorted minds have no real relationship with it, they pray to (images of) what they think — and were taught — it is.  Not having an ego, it (of course) would not ever want to be praised or recognized in terms of devotion.  Additionally, it may be that it does not readily bestow favors to those who pray or ask for benefits… since it may not (at all) be biased to favor intelligent-oriented species (who can ask for favors) as opposed to equally precious species (or individuals) who do not have the intelligence to ask for favors.  Additionally, it would not likely interfere with a cause/effect universe that it is not a part of (nor the cause of).  Too many, always remaining in (and “as”) their conditioning, have no actual relationship with it, yet they anthropomorphize it and project their corrupt attributes onto what they fabricated it as being.

Few are ever visited by it.  Few are open and pure (beyond the desires and methodologies implanted within them by others).  There is no “how” for getting it to visit one.  Indeed, when one is truly wise, stable, joyful, and mindful (without constant measure and mere calculation)… then one does not spend “time” desiring its presence.   Without effort, real awareness goes beyond falsities and delusive boundaries.  Without those boundaries, reactions are not as prevalent (i.e, they lose their shadowy hold on one), superfluous (habitual) thinking ends, experiences are not merely depended upon for consciousness, space between things loses much of its significance, and the infinite is (beautifully) easier to perceive.  


Bumble Bee on Purple Cone Flower (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Bumble Bee on Purple Cone Flower (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Bumble Bee on Purple Cone Flower (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Bumble Bee on Purple Cone Flower (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016


Together Poem… or: Is One Really Separate from the Experience?



The steps to the train they know their name

The sign by the bus creates a big fuss

The gate by the tree bent its left knee

The red light in town gave a huge frown

The bite off the peach spoke each to each

The cat on the floor petted more and more

The letter to the friend had plenty to spend

The tree by the brook gave a sweet kindly look

The snail by the well some flowers did sell

The fossil on the stone held its own cellphone

The fear by the door drowned by the shore

The bouncing ball was a joyful dog at a wall

The fog around the house chased a wild mouse

The slicing of bread would soon go to bed

The white toilet seat had just enough to eat

The smiles on the train did not ever complain

The look at the crow had photographs to show

The creak in the floor opened the front door

The corn in the field depressed brakes to yield

The flowers in the yard toiled very hard

The pen in the hand helped to make the man

The wisdom and the tree had to go and pee

Trilobite Fossil Cheirurus sp., middle Ordovician age (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Trilobite Fossil Cheirurus sp., middle Ordovician age (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Trilobite Fossil Cheirurus sp., middle Ordovician age (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Trilobite Fossil Cheirurus sp., middle Ordovician age (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016





Our Holographic Universe



For many years, i collected and made 3D glass holograms.  They are, i feel, superior to regular 2D photographs… since they also convey depth (without the need for wearing special glasses), not just the implication of depth.  Holograms, though most people (when they see them) really love them, never became very popular.  Depth in photography, like real depth in philosophy (i.e., the real “love of truth” pure philosophy), is rarely deeply appreciated by people.  (By the way, the 2D surface of a properly made holographic film, when illuminated by a decent light source, projects images that appear as 3 dimensions.)  As time went by, i personally made true (full) color holograms; true color holograms are very difficult to make.  I would get my blank plates, to make images on, from Yves Gentet, whom Discover Magazine proclaimed to be the best photographer in the world.  When making full-color holograms, i had to use multiple lasers and special dichroic glass filters… and everything had to be extremely precise, without any distortion whatsoever.  It’s the same thing with true philosophy and the concomitant real understanding of one’s mind (i.e., real self-realization)… there must not be any distortion whatsoever.  

When i was quite young, years before ever getting interested in holograms, i partook in one-on-one conversations concerning philosophy with Professor David Bohm, a world-renowned quantum physicist whom Albert Einstein wanted as an assistant.  We had many very deep discussions (but never once were holograms mentioned).  Then, years later, i was walking through a large mall with my wife, Marla, and saw some holograms displayed.  I was hooked!  I often visited the Museum of Holography in Chicago and was well known by Loren Billings who ran the museum.  Loren and i had many great discussions about the holographic nature of the universe (including space and time).  My book on philosophy deals a lot with time; it mentions holography in terms of its significance with regard to time and our human position.  Now, remarkably enough, scientists — most all of the very best, top scientists (worldwide) — are saying that our manifested universe is quite “holographic” in its very essence.  They are saying that the periphery of (not only black holes) but also of the entire universe behaves much like a holographic film… and that we are projections of what is contained on the surface of that film.  They are saying that there is an exact copy of what we are, were, and will be, at that peripheral region.  So, is that “surface” film more real than we are, or are we what is more real?  They say: take your pick; both are legitimate.  It may be that the past, present, and future are intrinsically enfolded into one another and are not at all separate.   Years after collecting and making holograms, i found out who the scientist was who was instrumental in the initial development of this holographic universe discovery; it was (coincidentally) Professor David Bohm.

Interestingly enough, when one breaks a hologram (of a rose, for example) in half and illuminates it with another laser, each half will have an image (though not quite as clear) of the entire rose.  Subsequently, break each of those halves in half… and each will have an image of the entire rose.  The wise man, who transcends the fragmentary, superficial, illusory symbols of man, may deeply connect with (and perceive) much of the whole, whereas those who exist superficially see little of reality; they are looking at the broken borders and boundaries; the wise mind is perceiving the whole (beyond the breakage).  (It’s a shame that so many write and blog about truth while, all along, they have not really seen much of anything… though they “think” they have.)  Regarding holograms, the parallax nature that they inherently have is very incredible; in other words, for example, you can look at a hologram of an open umbrella being held, and if you bend your head down you can actually see the inside of the umbrella’s top (that you couldn’t see until you bent down as if it were an actual umbrella being held)!  When you again stand erect, you see the very top of the outside section of the umbrella as you normally would.  With a hologram of a box, for example, you can stand in front and see the side that is facing you; if you move to the left, you can see another side of the box; if you move to the right, you can see yet another side of the box.  Of course, the universe is not some kind of giant hologram; it is living, dynamic, and much more than that.  However, the holographic model can be useful to explain certain dimensions of it to others.   Professor Leonard Susskind and other top scientists helped Stephen Hawking and others see that the holographic model had amazing potential, reality, and legitimacy.  The implications of all this are profound, and they affect what man can penetrate into spiritually, philosophically, and actually; but not many people are perceiving this significantly.  A few of us were seeing this long before the top physicists came up with their calculations; we were seeing much more than what the calculations could reveal.


The following is a short 2D animation of one of my 3D holograms; it is of a floating “pear” with parallel lines behind it.  Of course, the crude 2D animation does not come close to doing justice to the actual beauty and quality of the hologram.  This particular hologram is a monotone green on black… but it (the “pear” image part) projects out into the viewing room at a very great and very impressive distance; you can move your hand through and around the pear… and it has very phantom-like attributes.  (The pear seems to float out in the space of the viewing room, and the parallel lines go very deep into the wall.)  Other holograms are of flowers, animals, and people… and they are very beautiful, some in full, natural color.   (Additionally, please watch the YouTube video below.)]

Pearallel-lines Glass Hologram. Video by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Pearallel-lines Glass Hologram. Video by Thomas Peace c. 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           See  the YouTube video:                                                                                                                                                                                   










In the Pursuit of Color



In the pursuit of color

               levelheaded snapshots happened twice

at the heartflower of everything

               feathered sirens sang their song


Simply sweet as nature’s grace

               they nurture beauty and joy

far from apathy and indifference

               implicit order moves along


Not overwrought with stilted lies

               but beyond the obtuse pool

lone in the plush prairie preludes

               pristine charm transcends war


Here as there is nowhere

               beyond cold space’s creed

just as now always was

               the flower’s passage widens perceive   

The Flower's Passage (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

The Flower’s Passage (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

The Flower's Passage (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

The Flower’s Passage (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016