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So many… dwelling in the past…



A brain that is constantly and habitually churning along as symbolic thoughts and recalled patterns — as most brains, unfortunately, are — is a brain that may be (within its own superficial and limited framework) satisfied and content.  However, such a brain is always (in one form or another) an extension from (and “as”) the absorbed and learned past; being from the past, it always has (and is constituted of) elements of what is inherently old.  Be that constantly — if you wish — but be aware of the possibility that the past is usually rather stale, second-hand, and musty; it is not the fresh, new, spontaneous, living now.

The patterns of the past can help us, at times, to avoid danger and to get food, clothing, shelter (and health) in ways that are easier and proven to be fruitful.  However, to carry patterns of the past — reacting over and over again — in (and “as”) our minds, unceasingly, may not be prudent or “alive” in the least.  If you are a good (and sane) gardener, you don’t take the hoe into your living room at night and continue hoeing.  Similarly, a mind that uses thoughts (which are symbolic tools) endlessly — as so many foolishly do — is rather absurd.  It is ludicrous to be like a broken record, repeating things over and over (even if it is somewhat rearranged).  Who can profit from merely existing in the past?  No one can, and no one should.  Little wonder why so many get bored and need to go on finding exciting things “out there,” as if true happiness lies outside of oneself.

We can, not merely to get or attain anything, just be quiet — at times throughout the day or night — not needing to robotically (constantly) function as thoughts (all of which are merely symbols).  Then real, joyful, insightful life might actually happen, and not merely some old, stale representations and dead tokens from (and “as”) the past.   There is no legitimate technique or methodology to go beyond these thoughts; any technique or method is an extension of the absorbed patterns and — as such — is essentially fallacious.  

It's OK to be eating our day-lilies! (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

It’s OK to be eating our day-lilies! (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

It's OK to be eating our day-lilies! (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

It’s OK to be eating our day-lilies! (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016


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  1. What a timely post, Tom. I’ve had a little problem lately getting stirred up by past events. Thank you, for putting it all in perspective!


  2. so very true, Thomas, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and your wonderful photos, regards Mitza


  3. Dwelling in the past, we do from time to time. Great reminder and thoughts.
    Love this photo!


  4. every one if these pictures is a heart-stopper. this one is a double-heart-stopper. so two people in the room go down in one viewing. i am in awe.


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