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Beyond the mold…

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Top scientists have stated that it is likely that our universe functions in ways that are totally different than what we expect or think.   One couldn’t agree more.  So, one has to discard what one has been taught, and look and perceive freshly, without all that was poured into one to mold and shape the way that one perceives.  If one merely sees with the patterns that were implanted into one, then there is likely mostly jaded perception (that is looking through a fabricated psychological screen).  Only a dynamic mind can go beyond what was rigidly poured into it.  If we don’t see beyond the limitation that has been provided, then we will remain circumscribed by those who were also defined and shaped by others who, in the old past, delineated and fabricated them.  If we remain in the limited, we will never discover the new, the timeless, and the truth.


At the County Fair... Rooster, Hen & Youngster.  Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

At the County Fair… Rooster, Hen & Youngster. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

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