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One must purge what all the pundits, leaders, and experts have taught.  Most of them are full of themselves. We (despite thinking otherwise) live in very primitive times psychologically… and if one doesn’t figure things out for oneself, one will remain within (and “as”) the quagmire of the false and crass.  If one’s very mode and manner of thinking (and, hence, perceiving) was constructed by them, then there must be a fundamental transformation of the mind if one is to see without past corruption and without merely looking with old patterns and standard modes.  To observe without distortion, one must look without a blueprint, methodology, system, or absorbed structure; that can only take place via pristine observation that is unsullied by past dictates or precepts.  Most are unwilling or unable to do this.  They are too mesmerized by what was poured into them, unfortunately.  When they try to guide others, psychologically and spiritually, they are often (even unknowingly) merely projecting what they were taught, (which is essentially second-hand).  Direct observation, without all the garbage and distortion, is possible; deep insight and profound understanding depend upon it.


[Note:  If you are using the “Reader”/ “Blogs I Follow” method, note that they have recently revised it.  Personally, I am not too fond of  the revision (photograph-wise).  If you wish to see my photos much better than what happens after “one” or “no” clicks… please click on the “three dots” at the upper righthand corner of the initial presentation, then click on “Visit Site.”  Then you will see the photos the way that they were meant to be seen. (WordPress needs to explain the revision better to everyone.)  Of course, my site is primarily about philosophy, mindfulness, and true self-awareness… not merely about pictures/images.  The photos are an accompanying addition (about splendid nature), but are not the primary thing that I really want to share.]


Three's company. (There's a fourth, but it's hiding.)  Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Three’s company. (There’s a fourth, but it’s hiding.) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

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    • Thanks, Amy. Some people, including myself, let WordPress know that they’re not all that thrilled with the new reader. For most people’s posts in the reader… when people click where the continuing narrative fades (which is what most people would do), it takes you to a generic-looking post (that is not at all like your original posting format) that has small photos and small print exclusively.


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