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Memory is Always Old…

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Memory is always old and of “the past.”  It involves symbolic images and words in a recollection of past occurrences, past things, past events, and past experiences.  Memory is usually heavily conditioned by the learned patterns that society has shaped within us.  The memory bank is an accumulation of these past (learned) things and past experiences. Things are categorized within us, according to how we’ve been taught.  We often merely see things through a process that is dictated through the learned screen of memory. Recognition is often largely memory reinforcing itself.  Being more than something that is second-hand… involves going beyond all this in a fundamental way.

This arrangement (of memories) can become rearranged (and reshuffled) and, in having done so, relatively new things and ideas can become established.  Such a rearrangement can either be very beneficial (to life on earth) or not very beneficial, or somewhere in between.  People come up with all kinds of ways to “sell” or “profit from” their ideas.  This profitability either is motivated to benefit the self or to benefit humanity and life (or both); oftentimes it lies somewhere in between.  A truly wise man, however, deeply perceives that the self is not, in truth, separate from the rest of humanity (and life).  Such a person’s motivation may not lie within what was merely learned via past experiences and via various types of stored memory.  This is because real insight can spring into existence (in a serious person) regardless of what past memories and experiences existed previously.

Deep and profound insight cannot be purposefully brought about by any method, system, or procedure.  Otherwise such insight would merely be the formulations of (or partially formulated by) a plan.  Planning takes time, and deep insight exists beyond the realm of what can be concocted in time.  True insight is timeless.  It is a profound, spontaneous explosion beyond what one had learned or experienced via memory. The profundity of insight can (out of compassion) shape someone’s memory; but one’s memory can never shape, fabricate, or bring about true insight.  The mechanism of memory (as the thinking process) must end (for deep insight to take place).  This ending, of course, cannot come about via any contrived process, procedure, or devised strategy.  An ending resultant from some kind of blueprint is a mechanically formulated effect… which is not, truly, an ending.  If the cause involves “plotting” and “calculation”… the end will be also be rather ordinary, near-predictable, and mundane.  Most people were taught that “ending,” for them, is something that is “not good.”  However, ending “psychologically” may not, at all, be deleterious.  Most people endlessly cling to (their) memory.  (That is what they were taught… and that is what they have absorbed; that is what they continually function as.)

Insects and flowers have always had a symbiotic relationship with each other.  The flower feeds the insects and the insects help pollinate, clean, and protect the flower.

Photo of ant on a lily flower by Thomas Peace c. 2012:

[Left click on the photo to see a larger version… then left click on the “center” of it again (up to 2 times) to expand it further; hit left “arrows” to return.]

Ant on Lily by Thomas Peace c. 2012

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  1. My theory is, even if planning takes time, if one can be inspired to think, it’s at least a start and better than not thinking.

    I do know what you’re saying though. Most of what I know hit me like a freight train without warning, it wasn’t so to speak planned out or purposely done. However, once enlightenment begins to take root, it’s in my opinion more enlightenment can be purposely obtained. It gets easier to manifest new thinking patterns, if that makes any sense. 🙂


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