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Short Video of me Curling at the Winter Olympics



I take Curling very seriously.

Even my potato chips are into Curling.

So far i am in line for winning Silver… a silver set of hair, that is!   🙂

Notice that my sweeping technique is not top-notch Gold; (i am not foolish enough to let Marla think that i am good at sweeping!)

Besides, who needs to sweep if there is a Roomba in the area?!




Haunted Halloween (spiders aren’t anything compared to this)…



Let’s give a prize…

to those who were too crass and uncaring 

               to ever open their eyes.

Let’s provide a splendid, gold citation…

to those who radiated endless cruelty,

               increased suffering, and needlessly caused frustration.

Let’s mindlessly vote for an unhinged, sick sociopath with an unstable mind that divides us…

               who snarls that the polluted, unhealthy environment is balanced,

and that all of the dying coral reefs are quite healthy and marvelous.

Let’s cheapen the whole…

be ordinary, separative, comfortable, selfish,

               and take a long, indifferent stroll.

Let’s thoughtlessly add more and more pollutants and superficial experiences to the fire…

               and when this tiny world burns to the ground,

Let’s wait until the very last day to deeply inquire.



[I love spiders.  The real (deadly) thing on this planet (except for a few) walks on two legs, not eight.]

Halloween Surprise. Video by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Halloween Surprise. Video by Thomas Peace c. 2016