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A mind that is endlessly groping is of a certain kind of internal poverty…



A mind that is not constantly groping may be a deeply profound mind, a sapient mind, not merely a mind that is lazy or unproductive.  Most of us pursue more and more entertaining experiences, more and more sensational things to see or partake in.  It’s our habit.  Once something is experienced, we usually then (eventually) get bored with it to one extent or another, and then want different experiences… further things to experience.  Few of us ever delve into this whole process and examine it deeply.  We were, for the most part, educated to strive for things the way we do, and we take for granted that that is the way everyone functions as.  

Of course, it is healthy and prudent to investigate into things, to have some interesting hobbies and interests to explore.  Few of us, however, perceive the wisdom that involves — in addition to striving and exploring — perceiving beyond mere experiencing and mental-cataloguing.  When he (or she) who is “experiencing” realizes that he (or she) is not really separate from the experiences… then a different kind of intelligence may be functioning.  That lack of separation may also involve, in a very sagacious mind, the cessation of time… (since it takes time to merely continue seeing things via separative psychological processes).  Psychological distance, for so many — such as between an ego and an object — involves psychological time… such as the time it takes to label or mentally categorize (i.e., recognize) an object from a so-called center, the time it takes to crave a certain ability, the time it takes to deal with (or come to terms with) a certain fear, or the time it takes to crave a certain pleasurable experience.   A mind that understands directly, without internally fabricated separation, is beyond these internal, contradictory sequences and, hence, is not merely involved in fragmentary, psychological time.  Ordinary psychological time always involves separative, fragmentary, mental constructs (that often grope, avoid, judge, resist, and pigeonhole).  A wise mind goes beyond these separative elements (internally) and often is beyond mere “reactions” and conditioned responses.  In such a mind, there is not always mere striving for more and more experiences, amusements, or entertainment; such a mind, being beyond mere separation and groping (which take time), may be what real bliss is.  This bliss has nothing to do with achievement, categorization, gain, or recognition.   

For so many, experience is like a carrot hanging by a string, attached to a pole; and the donkey endlessly keeps going after the carrot.  However, the donkey never perceives that the pole is attached to the donkey — that there is no real separation there — and that the donkey and the carrot are not separate whatsoever.  Groping and experience are splendid, at times, but so is not groping and not being a mere puppet to endless experience.  So many of us, though, are so immersed in the habit of experiencing and groping… that we are at a loss for existing as anything else.

Resting (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Resting (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017






Diddle and Twiddle each played

          their own fiddle

          and since there were only two of them playing

No one was in the middle


They played tactfully(and as Diddle

          ejected a bit of spittal)

          Twiddle nervously giggled and said,

“It seems to be starting to drizzle”


Next,Diddle remarked,

          “Please don’t piddle;

the rhyme does have a middle”


And then,in his transmittal,Twiddle said,

           “This poem seems to

           have a riddle”

           Then,his third brother,No one,said,

           “I’m just a triple nobody

           stuck here in the middle,

          so please do not belittle”


And it’s enlightening to psychologically exist

           as nothing

With that,you need not quibble


[Note:   The following are photos of an old dead tree that is adjacent to a large, local hospital.   It is situated within the hospital grounds, right next to where many handicapped parking spots exist.  Almost as if it had been in tune with the comings and goings of the patients, face shapes exist in places where the tree’s bark fell off.  How many “faces” can you see within the tree’s patterns?]

Faces in the wood (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Faces in the wood (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


Learned meditation is not meditation…



Meditation — so-called meditation — is often compartmentalized by people to fit into a certain part of their day or week.  During a specific time, they then practice what they’ve been taught in order to achieve something.  However, the real thing may not be what the two aforementioned sentences shine a light on.  The real thing may occur all day long, even as one is driving a car, walking on a wooded path,  planting flowers, or washing windows.  It may involve watching (without learned separative images or opinions) at the way you talk to others at work, or the way the mind reacts to a hurt creature or mentally sick person.  Then the mind is aware… not according to someone else’s blueprint, not according to someone else’s concocted methodology… but just naturally, completely, effortlessly, without mere past conditioning.   Meditation is extremely simple, but our complex minds are often too “knotted up” to perceive directly without looking through the contaminated screen of past knowledge.  We were brainwashed to perpetually categorize everything, to look with a fabricated space from a learned image (of a supposed central “controller”) at things (via separation).   That separation was traditionally inherited or learned.  Even when there are no problems, we invent problems to solve.   Another thing: we, as so many others, constantly strive to be perpetually entertained.  What if we needn’t always be entertained?  What are so many using entertainment to escape from?  If our inner selves were not so imbued with limitation and stagnation… then maybe we wouldn’t be so disturbed about not being entertained and with facing what we (internally) really are.

Mindfulness, too, has those so-called experts who tell you how to manufacture clever, little tricks in order to keep your mind “mindful.”  However, a mind that merely uses procedures from others (and little tricks) to be aware… is aware as a result of something.  Profound awareness is not a mere result, however, but hypnosis and being a mere automaton certainly is.  The real thing is not what someone can teach you to be, or give you to absorb (or mechanically practice).  Real meditation is measureless and beyond conditioning… and what is measureless and unconditioned cannot merely be learned from another.  The one who truly meditates does not know that he or she is meditating; nor does he or she care to know.  However, in real, whole self-understanding and profound awareness, there is a profundity that negates sorrow, depression, fear, and mechanical mental parroting.  There is real bliss when the mind is aware without being in a mold poured by others.  However, there is no map or set of procedures (called religious or otherwise) that was devised by others that will really get you there.  You have to do the work.  And that work isn’t sitting on one’s behind on a superficial mat for 30 minutes, thinking one has achieved something marvelous.

Pink Veronica. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017



Are you involved with the Poem of Questions?



?Are you evaluating this poem

      as it is being read

?Are you wondering what the motive is

      behind the writing of this poem

?Is a good poem a poem that helps

      you to look at yourself without distortion,

      without fragmentation,without preconceived judgments

?Is a question within a poem 

      a good thing to exist as

?Is the mind really separate 

      from the questions that are asked of it

?Is Saturday near,but the living organisms

      (that one looks at)…distant

?Why would a question mark exist

     at the beginning of a written question

?Can real empathy exist when there is 

      distance and separation

?Is intelligence without empathy and compassion

      a superficial kind of intelligence

?Is “More all Day?” a cholesterol-laden,superficial question, 

       or is it a deep question from entities who really care about human beings

?Can one blossom beyond mediocrity

       and staleness

Is one separate from the words 

      of this poem?


More All Day? Hooray! (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

More All Day? Hooray! (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017



Working in this difficult world…



Finding decent employment in today’s world is very difficult.  It isn’t easy to get a job, yet alone a very ethical job.  I am elderly (and retired from being a teacher of the multiply handicapped) and it was even tough to get a decent job when i was very young.  I empathize with young people in this day and age.  It will become even more difficult in the near future, with more and more robots doing the work, with more automated machines cranking things out; these automatons will do things efficiently and without needing to get paid.  Many employers, these days, are not treating workers like human beings; they are cutting benefits, not giving them decent retirement plans, and are loading them with extra work.  Miseducation and empty hearts have a lot to do with this.  If you are young, or not so young, do not get depressed over having a difficult time in the job market; it is not your fault.  It is just the way things are now.   

Additionally — let’s face it — the world is getting to be a much more dangerous place.  Scientists have moved the Nuclear Clock closer to midnight, largely due to people in high governmental places wanting to proliferate nuclear weapons even more.  There are all kinds of conflicts between separative countries and religions.  Populations are increasing and not enough is being done to curtail the usage of fossil fuels.   However, with all of what is going on, one can function with stability, goodness, and real care and love for the environment.  There’s a lot of darkness out there — for sure — but one has to be that starlight that is beyond that vast darkness.    

When i was just out of college, i (instead of the regular route) became involved in a rural intentional community.  (Many called them “communes” back then.)  We did everything by consensus, had no leaders, were non-denominational, shared the land, did not allow drugs or nudity, did all kinds of volunteer work in the local community, were largely self-sufficient, grew much of our own food, and cooperated instead of being competitive.   The local (outside) community loved us.   I’m not sure what is out there (similarly) these days, but back then there were some intentional communities that were quite sane, cooperative, down to earth, and oriented toward more reasonable self-sufficiency and being closer to Mother Earth.  This may be an alternative for (some) young people in the future.  A lot of people, though, who were educated to be competitive, have an extremely difficult time when it comes to a very cooperative lifestyle.  

To young people, i would suggest that they question things intelligently, look beyond mere self-gratification, and do things that will really benefit people and nature.  Far too many have been programmed to be greedy, competitive, self-serving, and merely specialists.  Do not merely fall into the rut of merely being a specialist in some limited field.  Care about the whole of life too — or care about it more than anything — and don’t just care about some little section.  You are not a pawn in all of this.  You are the king (and you are the whole board and more).  If they don’t treat you like a king… it is their mistake, not yours.

There is a new movie coming out this week… “A Quiet Passion.”  Try to see it if you can; deep learning is real joy.  Often, a quiet passion is the very best kind.   


Not really separate (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Not really separate (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017




Citi-zens of da U.S. of A., are your Taxes in?



Sweetest little red thing

                     sitting in the trees 

can PeterPan fly whenever he wants to

                     into the breeze


Precious tiny life

                     looking all around

needn’t pay taxes

                     wears a feathered crown


Beyond the Internal Revenue So-called Service (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Beyond the Internal Revenue So-called Service (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


Caught in a Cult…



People who belong to a cult will — as members of the cult — insist that they are there of their own volition, and are not (in any way) being brainwashed.  They will inform you about how secure and happy they are.  The leaders of the cult will inform them about what is what and how things should be done, and they (the leaders) will not (under any circumstances) invite them to question everything and to go beyond the patterns provided.

Society, as it currently exists, is largely like that; it is very “cult-like” in the way it operates.  However, most people do not want to go into that possibility… just like the way cult members do not want you to question their position within the cult.  Whether we care to admit it or not, politics, religion, education, and similar branches of society are very cult-like.  Suggesting, for instance, that the Catholic Church — with its (pointy hat) bishops, with its robed members who claim to be middlemen between you and God, with its symbols, methodical (esoteric) gestures, ringing bells, threats of punishment/eternal damnation, and strict practices/beliefs — is a cult would shock and disturb many people.  However, just because something is immensely popular does not nullify the possibility that it is, indeed, a cult.  So many of us are mesmerized by our orthodox religions, by nationalism, by ingrained educational precepts (that we adhere to without question) that we would even fight or kill for them.  In fact, this is what is largely going on in the world right now — as it has been for many crass generations — this fighting for what they taught us to believe in.  They don’t tell us to intelligently question our patterns, to go beyond our divisive patterns and beliefs and to love without promise for future rewards.

When you accept being a pawn, and have accepted it for many years, it is very disturbing when someone challenges you to transcend beyond being in that rigidity.   Most of us were educated by those whom (themselves) have been produced by (i.e., indoctrinated by) the system.  Some of this education, of course, has value.  However, some of it is extremely deleterious; yet we accept all of it without question.  Most of us were educated about what to think… not how to think.   Most of us were educated to be specialists and to react in certain definite ways, not to be what sees and acts holistically.   Most of us were educated to accept and to believe… not to deeply question.   The end result, of all this, is that most of us are not dynamic, whole individuals but, rather, are brainwashed puppets (who think that we have freedom).

Psychologically, the very way we look at the world has been heavily tainted by others (and by the language that we absorbed); and through that second-hand screen, we look.  Instead of considering that the observer may not be separate at all from the observed, we look — as we were taught to — with separation, division, and symbolic labeling.  Where ingrained separation and division exist, there must be friction.  The world is full of friction and conflict and is far from being an orderly place.  Few of us flower beyond all of the cold, programmed rigidity.  That must change.  

Frozen in Time (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Frozen in Time (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


The Smile and the Frown that were swallowed by a Crocodile…



An elemental Frown

wore a serendipitous gown

and danced with a Smile all around


They flowed through the night–

what a breathtaking sight–

if only there was enough light


Eventually,the Frown was kissed by the Smile

It was most definitely worthwhile

until both were swallowed by an enormous crocodile


The crocodile swam west

as his gastric juices began to digest

(and inside his stomach muscles)both were depressed


The crocodile choked

The two were ejected,soaked

Happily,as they ran away,they were very stoked


Though both were together,the Frown disappeared

and a Grin kissed a Smile next to his beard

(while the crocodile hunted,just as we feared)


As for the croc,well,he inherited Frown’s prior frustration

as he slowly died of starvation

Now,museum kept,he’s under sterling preservation


One mean, old Croc! Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

One mean, old Croc! Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017



You can’t be one with Everything if you are a greedy, old image…



Integrity, in the dictionary, means wholeness, soundness.  Wholeness is being complete.  Wholeness is not one fragmentary image involved with thinking that it is related to other fragmentary images.  A fragmentary image that maintains, with a series of ideas and imagery, that it is “one” with other fragmentary images (that it sees out there) is merely deluding itself… and is still reinforcing fragmentation.  Wholeness is absolute.  One definition for absolute, in the dictionary, is “unconditional.”  Though the truly sacred is what cannot ever be thoroughly defined by limited words, it is — nevertheless, for what we must use here to communicate — inherently unconditional.  All words are symbolic and limited, and there is a supreme sacredness beyond all words, beyond all man-made, clever attempts at silence, beyond all the divisive religions that separate man (and lead to war).

Its unconditional beauty is beyond the limited patterns and clockwork paradigms of this universe.  Few are ever visited by it, for it is not what inhabits separation, fear, jealousy, indifference, and falsities.  A practiced or calculated silence designed to “get it” will only manifest false, self-created manifestations, not that profundity. The conditioned — no matter what technique is used, no matter what expert is followed — will never bring about the unconditioned.  Conditioning must end (through uncharted, non-concocted understanding and natural self -awareness), and not “to get something.”  Sitting cross-legged (with your eyes shut) in order to achieve something “special” merely reinforces acquisition and the greed of the self.  If observing takes place naturally, quietly, without always trying to achieve, without learned separation and abstractions, without merely always groping to get… then, perhaps, that sacred, eternal movement may explode through the organism; if not, it simply doesn’t.  One must be indifferent about whether or not it comes; that can only take place if the mind is whole and sound… (and that timelessness, that sacredness need not appear just because the mind is whole and sound).  The ending of conditioning occurs when awareness exists beyond mere acquisition, beyond mere symbolism, beyond limitation, and beyond the mere glorification of a fallacious, psychological center.  The repetitious notion of a controlling center is a misrepresentation, and is a furthering of the conditioning actually taking place; it is an extension of erroneous conditioning.  Few of us realize about the real joy of psychologically dying to an inner psychological center, to inner psychological greed; the image of a central controller (i.e., a central boss that dominates) is a big part of (primitive, inelegant) greed.  Going beyond that is real wisdom and joy.  Such joy is bliss without motive… and it is not a mere result… is not a mere reaction.

Vertical Climbing (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Vertical Climbing (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Vertical Climbing (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Vertical Climbing (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


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