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Regarding the sacred in life…


It is good to be in “right relationship” with everything.  All too many were educated wrongly, and they continue to view the world with a psychology immersed in separation.  Beyond the basics, in education, there must be an exploration into what “right and true relationship is.”   Without this the mind remains rather lopsided and trapped in falsities; then all kinds of problems emerge in society… with violence, theft, deceit, indifference, drugs, and abandonment being common.

It is interesting, in a big way, about how there are a good number of people who say that they are “one with everything”… that they are “one with the whole;” yet, for most all of them, the benediction of enlightenment has never taken place.  One of the fundamental reasons for this (among other things) is that even people who maintain that they are “one with everything” are still perceiving the world through concepts, symbols, and images that they have learned (and have absorbed from others).  It may be that, with these conceptions and symbols, they look… and what they see is what they were taught.  When they say that they are one with that…  it may be that they are one with all of these myriad (learned and second-hand) images, symbols, concepts, and frameworks that others have helped to instill within (and “as”) what they are.   There is nothing very profound in that.

Being “one with everything” is to be admired and appreciated.  However, we have to be extremely careful with this.  Because if we are merely continuing to view everything with isolated images, symbols, and concepts… being “one” with that is not sufficient; and it may not be being in “right relationship” whatsoever.  Too many of us view the world through, and as, and from, symbols and learned images.  One can say, as so many easily do, that everything is sacred.  However, once again, we must be extremely careful with this.  It could be that everything we perceive consists of recognition based on learned images, patterns, and symbols (that were taught).  The truly sacred, however, may not merely be something that is within the relatively superficial realm of images, symbols, and learned patterns.  Learned symbols and concepts — though very necessary for daily functioning — may not ever be in a direct relationship with what is truly sacred.  That flame of timeless blessing exists beyond mere symbols and dead concepts… and shadows can never be in direct relationship with it.  It is, fortunately, possible to perceive without mere learned recognition, without the shadows that such recognition exclusively consists of.  Most all of us are locked in (and “as”) recognition; we see through (and “as”) second-hand symbols and patterns.   We can, if we are prudent and truly perceptive in the deepest sense, perceive without mere second-hand symbols and images; then pristine, uncorrupted perception (though not necessarily sacred in itself) may open the door for what is sacred to visit.  The sacred will not visit, enter, (and be in direct relationship with) what is second-hand, symbolic, stale, and rehashed.   It is too fundamentally pure to be able to be in direct relationship with what is very sullied and tainted.   That is one of the reasons why so few are ever directly visited by that majestic, uncorrupt, infinite energy of timelessness.

We human beings are something else!  We are always thinking about and using energy (from what we taught each other).  However, we are never the actual energy.  That energy is timeless and (unlike the energy that we think we use) it is beyond the corruptions of man.


Eye 2 Eye. (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Eye 2 Eye. (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Eye 2 Eye. (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Eye 2 Eye. (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

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  1. wow that beautiful picture of buckeye butterfly creature. monkey also 100 % enjoy philosophical rumination of thomas.


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