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Where living and dying are one


So many of us live in — and “as” — fear without ever fully realizing it.  Most of us remain in the structures and patterns of what we were taught… and comfortably remain there; we are either afraid or indifferent about going beyond.  The older we get, the more set in our ways we get.  So many of us — as we age — lose our mental pliability and flexibility; we become rigid, rather robotic followers of old, worn-out traditions that supposedly exist to save us and protect us.  (Unfortunately, many of these traditions keep us in our place and fill certain individuals with power, money, and prestige.)  

When fear exists, are you something separate from what that fear is?  Most of us were taught that we are separate from our fears, desires, and systems of thinking.  A truly wise human being can realize that fear (and what he or she is)… are not two separate things.  (Of course, one is not merely just “fear.”) We run from our fears without truly facing them, without really being in an orderly relationship with them.   A man might say, “I am dealing with my fears.”   Therein, a learned image, involving self, is a separative part of a conditioned system that includes conditioned fear.  However, one part of a conditioned system cannot “get rid of” (or “adequately resolve”) another part of a conditioned system.  There might be alteration, subjugation, and the appearance that it did (get rid of something), but two wrongs don’t make a right, not in the long run.  Ultimately, there is still disorder in (and “as”) what uses disorderly (i.e., false) means as a way to resolve psychological issues.   

Real, pristine awareness, without needless friction, can shed a light on things and renew the mind (helping it to exist as order).  However, if one is burdened with needless friction, conditioning, and false separation (and overburdened with symbols) — such as a concept of “me” or “myself” being something separate from the fear — then conditioned, learned images interfere with that spontaneous, pure awareness that is not merely a part of some (man-made) or primitive process of reaction.  So, the enlightened being perceives without all that accumulated rigamarole that takes time.  Transcending false values and conditioned reactions need not take time; but using erroneous, internal, false procedures depends upon time.  For instance, with a wise being, there is often an intense awareness wherein conditioned, manmade (internal) symbols instantly (without taking time) dissipate (without some separate, internal entity trying to end them).  (Any images “trying to end them” are merely part of the whole of the conditioned structure.  One part of this conditioned structure thinking it is separate from another part — trying to control it — furthers erroneous division and extends conditioning.)   So, with an entity who is truly wise, there exists a timeless “dying” or “ending” of the conditioned.   No separate image of self or absorbed method is doing this; (otherwise it is merely just a part of the conditioning).  Most people (in their acceptance of tradition and as part of their conditioning) put “dying” far away from daily life.  However, a truly perspicacious individual is daily dying (with a huger than huge smile)… psychologically dying to (and “as”) false, dead symbols, methodologies, and rudimentary reactions.  Such timeless dying (beyond any archaic, dead methodology of the stagnant past) is what is truly living (in the deepest, true sense).  Observation without a pattern, without a method, without learned separation and symbols… is effortless and does not involve a technique to robotically practice over time.  The masses, with their conditioned, fossilized methodologies and antiquated systems:  that may be where the nasty (most real) kind of death is.  That (unfortunately) is the fossilized matrix where most of them are buried, while thinking they are alive.  Unfortunately, for the most part, pointing out about leaving it, to them, is like explaining the value of gold to frogs.

So, in this, living and dying are one.  (The previous statement has a double meaning.)  However, for the masses, they are something separate… as are so many things (for them), including their limited concepts of self.  

Tree Frog climbing around the porch (1). Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Tree Frog climbing around the porch (1). Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Tree Frog climbing around the porch (2). Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Tree Frog climbing around the porch (2). Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

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  1. Thank you. Fear and worry are partners. I will share an old ditty of Walt Kelly’s:
    “Mistress Flurry
    Likes to Worry
    Rises early feeling surly
    for she is sure
    that life will be
    the death of she.”


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