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Where living and dying are one


So many of us live in — and “as” — fear without ever fully realizing it.  Most of us remain in the structures and patterns of what we were taught… and comfortably remain there; we are either afraid or indifferent about going beyond.  The older we get, the more set in our ways we get.  So many of us — as we age — lose our mental pliability and flexibility; we become rigid, rather robotic followers of old, worn-out traditions that supposedly exist to save us and protect us.  (Unfortunately, many of these traditions keep us in our place and fill certain individuals with power, money, and prestige.)  

When fear exists, are you something separate from what that fear is?  Most of us were taught that we are separate from our fears, desires, and systems of thinking.  A truly wise human being can realize that fear (and what he or she is)… are not two separate things.  (Of course, one is not merely just “fear.”) We run from our fears without truly facing them, without really being in an orderly relationship with them.   A man might say, “I am dealing with my fears.”   Therein, a learned image, involving self, is a separative part of a conditioned system that includes conditioned fear.  However, one part of a conditioned system cannot “get rid of” (or “adequately resolve”) another part of a conditioned system.  There might be alteration, subjugation, and the appearance that it did (get rid of something), but two wrongs don’t make a right, not in the long run.  Ultimately, there is still disorder in (and “as”) what uses disorderly (i.e., false) means as a way to resolve psychological issues.   

Real, pristine awareness, without needless friction, can shed a light on things and renew the mind (helping it to exist as order).  However, if one is burdened with needless friction, conditioning, and false separation (and overburdened with symbols) — such as a concept of “me” or “myself” being something separate from the fear — then conditioned, learned images interfere with that spontaneous, pure awareness that is not merely a part of some (man-made) or primitive process of reaction.  So, the enlightened being perceives without all that accumulated rigamarole that takes time.  Transcending false values and conditioned reactions need not take time; but using erroneous, internal, false procedures depends upon time.  For instance, with a wise being, there is often an intense awareness wherein conditioned, manmade (internal) symbols instantly (without taking time) dissipate (without some separate, internal entity trying to end them).  (Any images “trying to end them” are merely part of the whole of the conditioned structure.  One part of this conditioned structure thinking it is separate from another part — trying to control it — furthers erroneous division and extends conditioning.)   So, with an entity who is truly wise, there exists a timeless “dying” or “ending” of the conditioned.   No separate image of self or absorbed method is doing this; (otherwise it is merely just a part of the conditioning).  Most people (in their acceptance of tradition and as part of their conditioning) put “dying” far away from daily life.  However, a truly perspicacious individual is daily dying (with a huger than huge smile)… psychologically dying to (and “as”) false, dead symbols, methodologies, and rudimentary reactions.  Such timeless dying (beyond any archaic, dead methodology of the stagnant past) is what is truly living (in the deepest, true sense).  Observation without a pattern, without a method, without learned separation and symbols… is effortless and does not involve a technique to robotically practice over time.  The masses, with their conditioned, fossilized methodologies and antiquated systems:  that may be where the nasty (most real) kind of death is.  That (unfortunately) is the fossilized matrix where most of them are buried, while thinking they are alive.  Unfortunately, for the most part, pointing out about leaving it, to them, is like explaining the value of gold to frogs.

So, in this, living and dying are one.  (The previous statement has a double meaning.)  However, for the masses, they are something separate… as are so many things (for them), including their limited concepts of self.  

Tree Frog climbing around the porch (1). Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Tree Frog climbing around the porch (1). Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Tree Frog climbing around the porch (2). Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Tree Frog climbing around the porch (2). Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015


There was this me… and every time this me looked…


There was this me

and every time this me looked

it saw what me was looking at

(This me was very orthodox…

being brought up by orthodoxy,

being cultivated by — and “as”– orthodoxy)

This me thought it was something separate

from the perceptions that it was taught it “had”

There was this movement without a center

and, when looking was taking place,

perceiving was what was…

without some separate center 

doing the perceiving

(This nonme was not very orthodox…

having psychologically died t0 — and “as”– orthodoxy)

There was this primitive conditioning

and every time this cadaverous conditioning looked

it saw what it was programmed to primitively see

There was this freedom from the known

and often — beyond indoctrination —

it moved livingly/compassionately/sagaciously

without a static blueprint

without some canned and pickled doctrine

that — in rigidity —  it would blindly cling to

Above and below. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Above and below. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015


Infinite potential…



(This posting is dedicated to the late Professor David Bohm, Theoretical Physicist, who specialized in Quantum Mechanics.  I used to have some very good one-on-one conversations with David.)

In quantum mechanics, when a separate observer looks at (or tries to measure) subatomic phenomena, the (endless) waveform collapses and there is an object that, for instance, exists in a distinct place, duration, or time.  (The waveform can exist at many places at once and has qualities of infinity.)  We are perpetually measuring things, even when we are not fully conscious of doing so.  Labeling things, identifying things, naming things, existing from one word-oriented symbol to the next… are all (in their own way) forms of measuring, categorizing, and assessing.  We were taught that the observer is doing the measuring, doing the categorizing, and doing the assessing.  However, is the observer truly separate from what the measuring, categorization, and assessment are constituted of?  Without measurement and assessment, without the usage of symbolism, the (separate) observer does not exist.  (Selfishness, by the way, requires the measurement that forges and invents a separate observer; therein, limitation is involved.)

Measuring (and all that type of process) is necessary at times.  Measuring, calculating, labeling, assessment (and all that) was drilled into us throughout our education.  However, they never taught us, or seriously suggested, that there are times when we can go beyond these things.  They had us live in thought, exist in thought, and worship thought.  They never suggested that we need not put all of our eggs in that one basket… the basket of thought (as measurement, categorizing, and assessing).  They never suggested that thought and thinking is a tool… (and need not be the essence of the organism).  You know, when you make tools all important, and forget about the living thing, you become rather robotic and mechanized… rather unalive.  Our “self concepts,” too, are all (basically) learned symbols.  Symbols are not the actuality; a description of an insect isn’t the insect.  But so many of us exist from one symbol to another; even when we look at things, we tend to see through (and “as”) a screen of learned symbols. 

We can exist beyond symbolism, measurement, and tool utilization… though symbolism, measurement, and tool utilization is often very necessary and prudent.  This is not some fanciful living the the here and now.  (Psychologically clinging to the here and now is rather like the collapse of the waveform; often involved in it are learned measurement, categorization, and assessment.)  Most minds will not be appreciative of this.  Most minds were indoctrinated by measurement (“with” and “as” measurement).  This is unfortunate, because the measureless has a quality of true infinity to it.  Limited — rather virtual — symbols (involving “self” or “not self”) can never capture or grasp that nonsymbolic, real, illimitable quality.  

Empty Exoskeleton of a Grasshopper (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Empty Exoskeleton of a Grasshopper (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Empty Exoskeleton of a Grasshopper (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Empty Exoskeleton of a Grasshopper (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015


The Ugly Duckling… or Beyond prayers consisting of learned symbols and images…

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Deity did not create this universe

and is not responsible for 

what takes place within

(and “as”) it.

Simple organisms

and rather more complex organisms

are in the same boat together.

Deity may not be of a prejudice

that favors one over the other.

One, not sophisticated enough 

to pray, is not favored over

one with propensities to pray.

One that is beautiful 

is not favored over one 

that is ordinary or rather ugly.

But complex organisms



(with real action and affection)

directly help simple organisms

and complex organisms too…

and both the beautiful

and the not so beautiful.

Don't duck the question. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Don’t duck the question. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015




Fitting In…


It’s easy to “fit in”… to merely accept what the crowd (i.e., what the masses) say is the truth.  It’s easy to comfortably “fit in” and lazily go along with what special groups say.  That is where many find security and that is where they are all too willing to absorb what others maintain.  Nazi Germany — and the way its people would blindly follow — was an example of this.  But to intelligently question everything, to stand alone, to deviate (psychologically and profoundly) from the norm is not easy; it is very arduous and it is where one puts security aside.  Many will not at all care for this; they will maintain that their special group has the answers; however, this (true independence and standing alone) may be the only way to come upon actual truth; otherwise one is stuck with old, secondhand, stagnant, and primitive values and traditions (which hamper real, legitimate discovery).  Most are too conditioned, too rigidly formulated from the mold that society utilized to fabricate their structure; they will — one way or another — dismiss any real invitation to independently probe deeply.

Most will not ever realize that the very way we observe things is heavily conditioned.  It is ironic that some, in the past — like the historic Christ (as can be seen in The Gospel of Thomas, Q, and the pre-narrative Mark) — transcended beyond normality and invited others to look within and find out for themselves… and that, after they died, others (over time) intentionally distorted and twisted their message in order to maintain power, authority, position, money, security, and control.  

No one but you can discover the uncontaminated truth.  However, if that “you” is a product of what was learned… then it will likely only find by way of limitation, contamination, and “secondhandedness.”  (One’s very concept of self, for most, is a learned image/symbol, or a set of learned symbols.) When distortion looks… what it perceives is of distortion.   The masses and the patterns of their world are full of distortion.  Very few independently and sagaciously go beyond that, but (to be truly wise and not deceived) going beyond is absolutely necessary.

Clustered and apart. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Clustered and apart. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015



Something to reflect upon…



As she brushed

her long, flowing, blond hair,

she continued to admire her radiant beauty

in the large mirror.

However, she didn’t

reflect enough

around that superficial mirror.

She never realized that 

the beauty that she was

a part of extended as

the trees, the butterflies,

the bees, the rocks,

and the fish.

Her mind was apart from the whole

which, when it’s all said and (never) done,

may be apart from 

the real beauty.


Green Tree Frog in Flower. (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Green Tree Frog in Flower. (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Green Tree Frog in Flower. (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Green Tree Frog in Flower. (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015



Leaving psychological tradition…



Being truly mindful or of a deeply meditative mind, is not something that one can know that one is experiencing or part of.  The beauty of the unknown is that it cannot merely be held or captured by the known.  It is a state of true humility where the one who may be involved with it is not certain that it is being done.   There’s no certitude in full mindfulness and profound meditation, because the unknown cannot be captivated (and owned) by the known.  So many of us are indoctrinated by mere symbolic knowledge… by the known; it is what was poured into us — formulating us — throughout our youth.  Even our individual concepts of self are essentially learned symbols and images.  Concentration is all well and good, at times, but it has little to do with this; this goes far beyond mere concentration.  Concentration involves focusing on various images and mental patterns (symbolic patterns).  Concentration is often necessary, but a mind that merely concentrates is stuck in a very limited segment of what the mind is capable of.   We’ve been concentrating for eons, and look where it has gotten us.  We may have better machines and more comfortable lives, but we are lost in symbols, competition, separative ideologies, with power-hungry leaders and mechanical systems manipulating our lives.

It takes great courage and intelligence to step out of that field (that so many of us are immersed in).  To leave the field of the known (i.e., the field of absorbed symbols and learned mental formulations) is, indeed, a kind of psychological dying.  However, it is where the true innocence and true beauty of a different kind of intelligence exists.  Not doing it is truly a morbid kind of decay.  Most of us want to be certain.  We remain (perpetually) in the field of learned images and symbols; we are frightened to go beyond that.  Interestingly, remaining (perpetually) in that field continues with what remains secondhand, stale, and unoriginal.


Softshelled Turtle. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Softshelled Turtle. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015