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Don’t follow anybody…






.    We’ve followed leaders for millions of years… and look where it has gotten us!  Don’t follow anybody, neither politically nor religiously.  So many of us drift through life, needing to be lead.  A person who needs to be lead is an insecure person, much like a shadow.  (We are not advocating some kind of crazy anarchy!)

A true democracy is one which exists beyond dogmatic leaders.  In such a society, people could vote, referendum style, on key issues periodically, through the usage of, for instance, computers.  Instead of having stuffy, life-long political barons, we could (jury-duty style) have responsible people work in groups of 12 (or thereabouts) to, on a temporary, rotating basis,  regulate and coordinate the voting and election results; that would be a true democracy (and no “politicians,” no feigning baby-kissers nor totalitarians need be involved).

Religiously, so many of us, too, want to be lead.  But is true religion what one can be lead in?  You can be lead to a dead thing.  But you cannot be lead to a dynamic, truly living (non-stagnant) thing.  It may very well be that the truly sacred is not what any concocted, fabricated, man-made path can lead to.  However, so many of us stay on our separate, fabricated, traditional paths (that were handed down to us like a pair of old pants).  In a separate path, one easily looks at others (who are not in it) with an air of superiority and separation.  The truly sacred may not be what can be touched by what remains in isolated groups, which separate themselves from other groups (causing more friction and division in the world).  So many of us want to be where we can easily be “told.”  But if truth is never merely second-hand… it cannot ever merely be told from one to another; being told is receiving something in a second-hand way; real truth is never second- hand.  Shadows are second-hand.  It may be that one has to discover it (i.e., truth) anew (freshly and directly) for oneself each and every moment.  



from Stephen Crane:



A learned man came to me once.

He said, “I know the way, — come.”

And I was overjoyed at this.

Together we hastened.

Soon, too soon, were we

Where my eyes were useless,

And I knew not the ways of my feet.

I clung to the hand of my friend;

But at last he cried: “I am lost.”




Wild Flowers by Thomas Peace 2013

Wild Flowers by Thomas Peace 2013



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My Blog primarily consists of close-up nature photos (that I've taken locally) combined with original holistic-truth oriented prose and/or poetry involving mindfulness/awareness. I love nature and I love understanding the whole (not merely the parts and the details). I'm a retired teacher of the multiply handicapped. I have a number of interesting hobbies, such as fossil collecting, sport-kite flying, 3D and 2D close-up photography, holography, and pets. Most of all, I am into holistic self-awareness, spontaneous insight, unconventional observation/direct perception, mindfulness, meditation, world peace, non-fragmentation, population control, vegetarianism, and green energy. To follow my unique Blog of "Nature Photos and Mindfulness Sayings" and for RSS feeds to my new posts, please access at: (On my regular Blog posting pages, for additional information and to follow, simply click on the "tack icon" at the upper right corner... or, on my profile page, you can click on the "Thomas Peace" icon.) Stay mindful, understanding, and caring!...

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    • That is so good to hear! Like that pink flower that is your avatar, a flower exists in a majestic “beingness.” In that “beingness” it doesn’t merely follow the sun; it moves with it in an orderly, harmonious union. Not enough humans are in sync with that union these days. Thank goodness for flowers!


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