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Insights or Non- (Part 3)




Deep passion — to find out about the whole of existence — goes far beyond details and fragmentary parts.

There can be a holistic awareness, not merely of the five “separate” senses that one “has,” but rather “as” the holistic senses working together harmoniously, as one, without thought/thinking constantly interfering, separating.

When one was young, one mustered up all of the energy that one had to perceive the truth and the whole.  That’s the only way to be!

Order comes through understanding and perception… not via rigid, limited ideals which bring about conflict.

Many animals value life just as we do… maybe even more so.

Look beyond the learned patterns; see beyond the limited, learned symbols.

True wisdom goes beyond perceived borders and is therefore truly compassionate and caring.  



Scarlet-and-Blue Leafhopper …Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018