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Blindly and eagerly leading people…



Blindly and eagerly leading people into a false path brings more than one into the ditch.


[These are leaves of a Sassafras Tree.  Root Beer gets its name from the oil extracted from the root of the Sassafras Tree.  Sassafras Tree parts were known primarily as medicinal herbs by the American Indians and, later, to the Europeans, who shipped great quantities to shops in England and on the Continent. The leaves could be made into teas and poultices, while the root bark was either chipped or crushed and then steeped in boiling water—one ounce of bark to one pint of water—and taken in small proportions as often as needed to reduce fevers; soothe chronic rheumatism, gout, and dropsy; relieve eye inflammation; ease menstrual and parturition pain; help cure scurvy and various skin conditions; and act as a disinfectant in dental surgery.]

Holy Sassafras Leaves!  Photo by Thomas Peace 2014

Holy Sassafras Leaves! Photo by Thomas Peace 2014