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Understanding rather than inner struggle…

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Go beyond merely having ideals of what you want to be or “should be.”  Such ideals often create inner conflict and friction within (and “as”) the mind and are usually a waste of energy.  Look at your actions — without separation  — from moment to moment without images of desire or idealism.  This doesn’t mean that one just goes on to live in a crazy, disorderly way; it does mean that perhaps attention is looking without “learned patterns,”… and, instead, with a natural, field of order that is beyond conflict, beyond the mind’s (or others’) imposed fabrications.  Profound understanding and keen (uncontaminated) “observing” changes things… not stale, concocted ideals.


As a caterpillar, I didn't desire this.  Photo by Thomas Peace 2014

As a caterpillar, I didn’t desire this. Photo by Thomas Peace 2014