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Halloween Praying Mantis


She prayed,
and when she prayed,
the whole world prayed with her.

Her eyes, those large bulbous eyes,
saw everything worth praying for,
and everything needed preying.

She preyed on butterflies, bees, moths,
and on a number of other things.  It was what she preyed
that mattered, and it was the way she preyed.


[Note:   This is a very unusual (very rare) Praying Mantis for our north-central Illinois area.  It is probably a Carolina Mantis.  These are southern mantids but, due to global warming, are moving more north. This one has wonderful chameleonic abilities.  Note how it amazingly blends in with the different color tones of the park bench.  It is a female and seems to be loaded with fertile eggs.  It may not have mated with a male at any time whatsoever.  Female mantises can lay many completely fertile eggs without a male.   When this happens, the offspring are perfect clones of the mother.]

Chameleonic Praying Mantis. … Photo by Thomas Peace c.2019

The Ugly Duckling… or Beyond prayers consisting of learned symbols and images…

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Deity did not create this universe

and is not responsible for 

what takes place within

(and “as”) it.

Simple organisms

and rather more complex organisms

are in the same boat together.

Deity may not be of a prejudice

that favors one over the other.

One, not sophisticated enough 

to pray, is not favored over

one with propensities to pray.

One that is beautiful 

is not favored over one 

that is ordinary or rather ugly.

But complex organisms



(with real action and affection)

directly help simple organisms

and complex organisms too…

and both the beautiful

and the not so beautiful.

Don't duck the question. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Don’t duck the question. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015