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Merry Christmas!



Perhaps real spirituality is not found — locked up in confinement — in temples, where masses of people often worship self-created images, but is found when one understands oneself alone, such as when one is out in nature (without deception, without fabrication, without endless, internal chattering, and without a bunch of pretense).

After the death of the historical Christ, there were many Gospels and bibles about Jesus that different groups of people cherished and felt were legitimate.  Many years after the death of the historical Christ, The Gospel of Thomas — which many of the world’s top (current) Biblical Scholars feel was written before the standard four — was declared heretical by the high priests who catered to Rome’s Emperor Constantine… no doubt largely because it called for finding God for oneself and not by following others (such as priests, leaders, and gurus).  Some top scholars even feel that the Gospel of John was written as a rebuttal against the Gospel of Thomas.  (Jesus was initially an ardent follower of John the Baptist, who advocated finding God far from the temples, out in nature; John was terminated by the authorities.)  From the early Greek version of the Gospel of Thomas found at the ancient Oxyrhynchus site:

Jesus said, “Where there are three, they are without God.  And where there is only one, I say, I am with him.  Lift up the stone and you will find me there.  Split a piece of wood and I am there.”


[The Christmas ornaments are on the left.  One of Santa’s reindeer is on the right.]

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Photo by Thomas Peace 2014

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Photo by Thomas Peace 2014