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Beyond the measurable…



 So many of us imitate others.  We do this so much more than we realize.  Everything that people see (in terms of patterns), think (in terms of patterns), and take for granted… is transferred to us.  We absorb what they are.  (We become what they are.  Our thoughts and desires are what they are.)  We absorb what they are from their teachings, their traditions, their mannerisms, and values (or lack of values).  To go beyond all that is extremely arduous.  However, it is very necessary if one is to be more than a mere second-hand shadow.

   So many of us want to show off our accumulations to others. We think that these accumulations — often the result of grueling work at the job — reflect our ability to be successful.  Real success, however, may not (unlike what we were taught) lie in material possessions, large families, or monetary wealth.  To discover what is truly priceless, will one merely rely on others… who, themselves, are clones of innumerable others?

   Real success, ironically, may exist beyond the measurable.  However, most of our calculating minds have no clue as to what that means or entails.  Most of us live in (and “as”) comparison and measurement.  However, to merely accept comparison and measurement as the essence of one’s life — as so many, unfortunately, do — may be a sign of indolence and superficiality.  Additionally, rigidly clinging to comparison and measurement invites (and “is”) sorrow.

   Infinite joy is a measureless blessing that is beyond the grasp of mere greed and superficiality.  It cannot be earned or acquired (like some silly, limited stuff), and that is part of its immeasurable beauty.  Don’t ask “how to get it,” because — unlike so many of our ostentatious, limited accumulations — there is no “how to get it.”

   These goats, at the county fair, were repeatedly jumping out of their stalls.  They were not merely content with remaining in the limited.  Should you be?

Beyond the Limited. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Beyond the Limited. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016