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Bridge to a Better Future



Physically, there may be a bridge to a better future.  One can eat more healthfully, exercise more, and do things to improve the environment, including building wonderful bridges.  Internally (i.e., psychologically), is there really a bridge, and who is going to cross that bridge?   Is the bridge different from what one is?  

Is the “experiencer” really something separate from the experience?  If there were no experiences, what would the “experiencer” be?  So many of us, like infantile children, want more and more pleasurable experiences.   Can there be moments when a sagacious mind exists without merely depending upon experience after experience? 

If anger takes place, can it be looked non-fragmentarily — without manufacturing separate ideals — so as to be fully aware of it (without separative space and time)?  Can there be moments when the mind (without excuses) fully sees what it is directly and with full awareness, without concocting notions of something different (that requires space and time to achieve)?  If cruelty exists, and ideals manifest of “someday not being cruel,” is the non-cruelty an actuality or is it a mere abstraction (or escape) that depends upon fabricated psychological time?… and may it be that fabricated time (with its space) fails to see cruelty instantly and fully for what it really is?  Is the thinker really something separate from thought, or are they one and the same?  Is psychological time often an escape depending upon fragmentation, fabricated space, a mentally fabricated separate “I”… and, also, a postponement?  

These questions are here for you to ask yourself; they do not exist for you to reply here with any answers.


from Emily Dickinson:


There are two Mays
And then a Must
And after that a Shall.
How infinite the compromise
That indicates I will!




Ebony Jewelwing… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018