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The thrown rock creates the ripples, but the ripples of thought create the ego (i.e., the so-called central “I”).


[This is a Banded Argiope Spider – with ripples of colors – waiting for prey in a perfect web that she has spun.  The Banded Argiope Spider is a large spider and is related to the Black and Yellow Argiope Spider (i.e., the Banana Spider).  Their expertly woven webs have crossed, zigzag bands running through them that are very thick.  It is thought that these have the dual function of attracting certain insects – since they reflect a lot of ultraviolet light that certain insects are attracted to – and for warning low flying birds.  (Humans cannot see in the ultraviolet range.)  I used to have a lot of these spiders crawling all over me when out in the fields photographing (and didn’t mind it at all); but now I am better at spotting and avoiding the webs and going around them.  Many of these spiders are well over and inch long.  It is common for them to wait in the web with their head down.  Note the webbing to the left and right of this spider.]

A real tiger.  Photo by Thomas Peace 2014

A real tiger. Photo by Thomas Peace 2014