Life is not a game…




Life is not a game.  Too many of us go through life as if the mission is to be totally entertained.  Most people are afraid of death, yet they may not have ever truly lived.   Very many people assume that they are alive.  To go through existence merely imitating others and spewing out what was poured into one by society… may not be “living” whatsoever.  It is so easy to conform.  It is so easy to just fit in the machine and be another cog in the wheel.  Only a very few have been visited by that timeless energy that enraptures and transcends consciousness.

To inquire — to really inquire — into whether or not the sacred exists, takes great passion, great profundity.  A stagnant, indifferent mind could not do it; stagnation and indifference make the actual answer all the more elusive, for the answer lies beyond limitation.  To find the true answer necessitates that the mind be of considerable order and completeness.  An incomplete mind is never fully alive, never fully whole.  

The world has far too many seeds (of consciousness) that have never sprouted, that have never really begun growing.  The answer is immeasurable and cannot be communicated about via mere fragments/words/symbols/patterns.   The minds of most people consist largely of mere fragments/words/symbols/patterns.

We can change.



Green Grasshopper on his favorite leaf … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018





This isn’t one of those fake
       all artificial
It is a growing (yard-flower)
       of life
It doesn’t have artificial
They are genuine drops
       from the 
       crying skies

What is important
       is not in 
       the pictures you take
       or the money you make
What is important
       is to be
       someone who is 
       not artificial
       and not someone 
       stuck there to be yanked
       from strings by



Bellis Pompomette … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


I’m a Vegetarian but…




Many whom i know eat meat.
Some of them have two legs,
some of them have eight.  




NOTE:   Now and then, since October is the month of Halloween here in the U.S., i will likely post a few more spider photos than usual; not that spiders are really all that “scary” but that people associate them with Halloween (which is kind of fun and silly at the same time).   🙂



Spider with Prey … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


Insights or Non- (Part 5)




True wisdom has great wholeness, expanse, and vastness; indifference is of limitation and is confined.

Often dying psychologically to “thinking” is alive, harmless, and highly intelligent.  Constantly reacting as mere symbolic thoughts is cadaverous.

Ignorance often does not recognize its own ignorance.  Wisdom often goes unnoticed and unappreciated by those who have little wisdom.  

Nonsensical behavior often makes excuses.  Behavior that is prudent is honest and compassionate.

Many need to make-believe about some heaven or magical domain in the future (that was fabricated by make-believers); escaping what “actually is” is ignorance. (The aforementioned words are not at all meant to deny true eternity or sacredness.)

Wisdom naturally goes beyond superficial values and superficial behaviors.  




Silver-Spotted Skipper Butterfly Up Close … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018




This is the Poem that came out of the grave




This is the poem 
that came out of the grave
to tell you what death is.

Everyone has avoided the answer
but here is the answer:

Death is indifference;
Death is mental fragmentation;
Death is accepting immorality;
Death is accepting mortality;
Death is belonging to separatist organizations that
one thinks are “right,” 
and death is the limited space surrounded by boundaries.



It is very rare to see two Ambush Bugs together with a victim like this.  

Two Ambush Bugs with their Bumble Bee victim on Thistle Plant … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


What the Finger Said…




One finger said
to the other finger,
“I want to be close to you!”
The other finger said,
“I feel that we two are
very close.”
Then they passionately wrapped around
each other intertwining.
A somewhat distant finger (away from
the other two) pointedly said,
“You two seem as if you were made for each other!”

Then, after a considerable time, fingers
of a supposedly separate 
hand jealously came attacking,
and total war broke out.

A real fact is that,
in war,
the winners are the losers.  



Illinois Meadow Wildflower … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018