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Mr. No-One and the Universe




Squeak and Meek each went to take a peek

   and what they saw was delectably ever so sleek

It buttery flowed meltedly through slippery slopes

   and was spattered in sections beyond blind people’s hopes


Roly and Poly barrelled into town

   they joined the loud circus and smiley jolly clown

They circled around the rainbowed ice cream shop

   and drove to the intersection then came to a stop


Itchy and Stichy yelled into a huge microphone

   and no one heard them since no one was home

And the tree in the forest down with a loud crashing sound

   while the universe sure heard it because the universe was around


Skipper and Scatter burst onto the scene

   to become part of this skinny poem and the pickings are lean

What do you expect at this hungry time of day

   like some scrumptious corn on the cob in a splendid flowery kind of way?




Silver-spotted Skipper (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Silver-spotted Skipper (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017



Inquiry into the Sacred




In an intelligent inquiry as to whether or not there is anything really sacred, the mind must be free from limited patterns of conditioning and opinion.   For such an inquiring mind, there is no room for belief or conjecture.  Both belief and conjecture are based upon supposition or primarily baseless, unscientific conclusions.  This transcendence beyond the limitations of conditioned belief and conjecture additionally includes going beyond any formulated methodologies that one may be lead to believe are worthwhile.  Very many have, with blind faith, clung to the structured methodologies and ideologies that various organized religions — such as Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and others —  have provided over the years.  Asking people to go beyond the conditioning of these organized groups (with their leaders) usually falls on deaf ears.

In such an inquiry, the mind must be supremely healthy; additionally, it must be beyond being influenced or programmed by any group or by any person.  It may be that only a very healthy, balanced, unconditioned mind can discover what is truly sacred.  Such a mind brings about its own order (and not according to what someone else says).  It may be that to truly come upon the sacred, the mind must have its own natural, intrinsic order.  Such order may not be the result of mere accumulation.  No accumulation of beliefs, or structured methodologies to live according to, would be of interest to a truly orderly, unconditioned mind.  In a big way, perception without dependence on accumulation is perception beyond the parameters of time; all accumulated beliefs and structured methodologies require (and depend upon) time.  The timeless, unconditioned, truly free mind is beyond all of that (but don’t just take my word for it).

Can perception take place that is not the mere result of — and not dependent upon — past accumulation (as stored memory)?  It may be that if one looks without all of the past accumulated memories and hand-me-down patterns of others then such a one is stepping out of the confinement and incarceration of conditioning.  Such confinement was a limitation, a barrier; “mostpeople” refuse to let it all go.  They cling to their so-called religions, groups, beliefs, and methodologies and refuse to let them go.  The pristine, untainted mind goes beyond this conditioning and no longer uses others’ methodologies to “get something.”  I, for one, will not give you patterns to follow, edicts to live by, or beliefs to cling to. 

Accumulation, in any psychological form, is usually a manifestation of greed; greed, in any psychological form, likely negates discovery of the sacred.  When one — not theoretically or idealistically —  sees this, all organized religions and methodologies that are learned are out.  There is a non-concocted silence that can never be brought about by the accumulation of memory, nor by learned patterns, nor copied procedures.   That silence is not the result of conditioning and practice; it is not derived from greed or acquisition over time.  Don’t waste your time in believing in such silence.  Find out if there is such a silence, but not by mere abstraction, not by mere “idealistic image-projecting.”  That “finding out” may have nothing to do with what you were ever taught.  An elderly Great Blue Heron was looking for his next meal as the placid pond was getting ready to settle-in for the evening.



Great Blue Heron (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Great Blue Heron (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017



Trotting Beyond Limitation




We trot in eternity

          though most see transiency

We move with infinity

          though most react temporarily

We silently sail among endless waves

          they thirst in thought’s bone-dry deserts

We are visited by the timeless

          they are late for their appointments





Beyond limitation (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Beyond limitation (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017





The silence of a very aware mind is not what can be measured.  Such pure silence goes beyond recognition; recognition (of separate things that the mind labels and pigeon-holes) is — or involves — measurement.  The mind can, at times, beautifully function without merely relying on measurement, without exclusively relying on recognition, patterns of experience, and interpretation of stimuli.  “Mostpeople” would not likely be involved with this immeasurable silence because remaining in sequential thinking, recognition,  and constant comparison and measurement are what they were educated (i.e., programmed) to be.  Leaving the domain of the known would seem frightening to a lot of people.  Many may equate such silence, such emptiness, with ignorance; however, a vast, immeasurable silence, in actuality, is profound intelligence.  “Mostpeople” rigidly cling to patterns of recognition, symbolic thought (and all thoughts are symbols), labels, and separative images.  Going beyond these would seem unthinkable to most.  

One cannot “know” that one is in such silence when it takes place, for such “knowing” would be in the realm of recognition and would negate the very essence of a silence beyond mere measurement.  Such silence is beyond merely calculated patterns and sequential formulations concocted by man; this is why gurus and so-called holy men who want to provide you with techniques to “get there” are definitely out (including the fees that they often fraudulently charge)!  One who is lucky enough to be involved with such silence is not in any way harmed but, rather, may be blessed to be in relationship with a timeless energy that is forever renewing itself.  Such silence can never be brought about by an act of will; will is (fundamentally) desire… and desire can never attain such unadulterated silence via effort of any kind.  It would be like trying to catch the wind (or catch love) in a bottle.  The highly intelligent mind, through seeing and understanding itself in relationship (and in seeing itself, without deception, in everyday occurrences) may, with understanding, move beyond the psychological dependencies and repetitious mental habits that most exist as.   Understanding transcends mere measurement and will.  The immeasurable may occur for the man (or woman) who goes beyond the limited, the merely symbolic, and the stagnant.   In the immeasurable, eternity abides.  The immeasurable and the eternal are without confining borders.  The gurgling sounds of the drinking Mallards are not something separate from a vast, immeasurable silence.





Mallard Ducks (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Mallard Ducks (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017






Basking beyond the need for belief




A nonmediocre novelty lasted for relaxed nonseparative miles

     as we drove past steady sunflowers who sweetly worshipped the sun

In a divided disorganized planet of perplexed savage wars

     omniscient order majestically does nevertheless easily run


Multitudinous millipedes mingled in the downbelow grasses

     as businesslike bumblebees hurriedly bustled in blossoms far up above

And the saintly sun’s devotees seemed to move like precision clockwork

     with a passionate proclivity for life and for love





Sunflower Time (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Sunflower Time (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017






The Balanced Mind



[Note: Currently we are thinking of the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, regarding the human species (and other animal species).  We donated to the Red Cross for each specific area.  Please consider donating if you haven’t done so already.  Additionally, please do more to help curtail global warming.  I’ve been warning, for a long time now, about the winds and weather getting substantially worse due to man’s neglect regarding clean energy; things will get far worse if we do not radically change our ways.]



A lot of minds are unbalanced these days.  Most minds, really, are very unbalanced.  A truly balanced mind is like a rare, precious jewel.  Unfortunately, very few minds, in this rather rotten society, are truly balanced.  To be truly balanced means not to have a mind that has been conditioned by the current rotten, immoral society in which we currently live.  It involves having (i.e., being) a mind that has stepped out of the morass of selfish values, indifferent separation, cold competition, and crude status quo beliefs.  A balanced mind does not follow the crowd, especially when that crowd has been indoctrinated to accept and hold orientations and tendencies that have been going on since ancient times.  Many people, these days, would be able to fit in quite nicely into the ancient Roman culture; the changes necessary — to so fit in — would not be very dramatic in the least.

The balanced mind that goes beyond all this, that largely transcends beyond conditioning and fragmentation, is far from what the ordinary man can understand or discover.  Real balance goes beyond unnecessary internal friction and conflict.  The balanced mind is not composed of learned (i.e., absorbed) barriers which separate it from all life, or which separate a supposed controlling center from other thoughts.  The balanced mind is not what looks from (or “as”) a screen of mere prejudices, edicts, beliefs, pigeon-holing labels, or hand-me-down values.  When a balanced mind looks, it looks without the mental-programming that dictates to others about how they should look (with certain preconceptions).  A balanced mind has its own intrinsic, natural empathy, holistic perception, insightful understanding, and unbounded wisdom.  

Can the unbalanced mind, the conditioned, corrupt mind, step out (mentally) from the quagmire that it is in… and be balanced?  Can separative, crass concepts and preconceived viewpoints go past the crude limitations that they are?   The mind can psychologically die to its own accumulated corruption.  Such a psychological dying is a real innocence, involves silence, and is real living… and it does not involve a learned method that takes time. 





Chillin’ (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Chillin’ (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


The Turning of the Key




The turning of the key looked south

         and the room peered deeper into itself

         When the circumscribed room left itself

         it was outdoors where it was no longer a room

         Gentle breezes again looked south

         and the radiant depths of the garden penetrated the mind


Oh,dear Emily,that blue fly that interposed upon your death,

         was she very alive in your confined,secluded space?

         Ms.Dickinson,was that stillness what can never die,

         even when the windows,with all their keepsakes,





Eternal Blooms (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Eternal Blooms (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


Beyond Coming to a Conclusion



It is very easy to come to conclusions about things.  Some things that many come to conclusions about seem like cut-and-dried facts that can be taken for granted.  Often we come to conclusions about the behavior of others… when, however — over time — they have changed far from what we have “concluded.”  In past postings, one has often written about transcending or dissolving the central “me” or “I.”  Some people, no doubt, have concluded that doing so is foolish or even very dangerous.  Many cling to that fabricated image of self and are terrified and very frightened about letting it go.  It is very likely that their love of the absolute truth is likely not nearly as strong as the love and attachment to that image.  Really perceiving — not merely intellectually — the falsity and delusion that a supposed central psychological controller inherently consists of, we maintain, is neither foolish nor dangerous.  On the contrary, it helps eradicate the very root of conflict that causes so much indifference, neglect, and hatred in the world of man.   Perception beyond such a fallacious center does not, as many might presume, tend to negate eternity for us.  On the contrary, it may be that the eternal can more readily be perceived and appreciated once the supposed central “me” or “I” is truly transcended.  

One read a post by someone, recently, that matter-of-factly pointed out that everything is temporary and that we all must die and come to a complete end.  Coming to a complete end is, so they say, coming to a conclusion.  Many people, while they are alive, come to conclusions — about many things — without ever having deeply and independently inquired.  They absorb what was poured into them by others… and from there they — as self-appointed experts — spew out more and more myopic conclusions.  However, we may presently live in a very primitive and crass world culture and a lot of what the so-called educators say may be utter rubbish.  If, as most do, you fall into the standard or common lines of thinking (about things)… then it may be that you are making a grave mistake and are fundamentally making very deleterious decisions with (and “as”) the essence of your life.  As one has stated before in some of my previous postings, some of the world’s top-notch scientists have said that reality is likely far different, in its fundamental nature, from what many of us have thought or suspected.  Indeed!

Question everything that people tell you and everything that i say.  Go beyond all the standard ways of looking at things and looking at the world.  Perceive without looking through the screen of perception that others have built for you to look through (and “with”).  Then, if you are very lucky, you will go beyond most of the fundamental conclusions; and then eternity will not merely be a representational symbol as part of your brain; then your essence will never come to any final conclusion.  



Beyond Conclusions (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Beyond Conclusions (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017