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Many are in the Twilight Zone on Halloween (and the rest of the year)…


In every miraculous eternal blink

beyond the very primitive world of think

the joy of order

and the order of joy abides


In every cadaverous indifferent stare

leaden within pre-worn underwear

the anchor of self

outweighs the swimming of we

Halloween Feat (i.e., Feet) (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Halloween Feat (i.e., Feet) (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Halloween Feat (i.e., Feet) (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Halloween Feat (i.e., Feet) (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015


Within the camera eye…


It is good to be perceptive, to be observant.  Many of us, who take photographs and share them, reveal certain detailed (and often unique) perceptions that we have… (that we are appreciative of).  To be perceptive is to be sensitive.  Even our cameras have a certain innate, intrinsic sensitivity, wherein they pick up (and convey) many of the intricacies that a scene or area displays.  To be a real human being, however, calls for much more sensitivity than what a mechanical camera is capable of.  Interestingly, there are many people who go through existence being perceptive in more of a mechanical, mechanistic, camera-like way.  They focus upon what others have directed them to focus upon; they capture (and hold) what they were developed to capture and hold.  Like digital cameras, they store the data and their depth is artificial; they assimilate and grasp according to the way they were programmed.  Their stored data depends exclusively upon imprinted patterns.

A truly insightful and reflective human being, on the other hand, may go far beyond a mere mechanical, superficial existence.  The depth of a truly insightful, reflective human being would be amazingly real and beyond mere simulation.  Real sensitivity has tremendous depth.  That depth and real love/real living may not be different things.  That depth shatters the separation between the viewer and the image.  That sensitivity helps others in profound ways (that are not merely what can be photographed… although photographing may be part of how that sensitivity shares).  That sensitivity penetrates far deeper than what any mechanical device can calculatingly and premeditatively (artificially) capture.

Last night, this movement was observing a science program on television concerning the universe.  A lot of top scientists were talking about where the universe was going.  They said that there is absolutely no evidence that there exists any eternity in the universe and that it is more than likely that everything will disappear entirely (and that is that).   Unfortunately, they don’t understand what certain wise individuals understand; they (to a very large extent) don’t understand their own minds, and they don’t know what most of the cosmos (such as dark energy) consists of.  If a mindlenscamera is constructed and programmed by the superficial, what it picks up and captures (to share) will often be rather superficial.  Sometimes superficial and two-dimensional is very nice and excellent to visit… but one wouldn’t want to exclusively live there.  Superficial snapshots from distortion impress most who are truly discerning and deep (only to a limited extent).  As for those scientists, well, unfortunately, they are very good at capturing and conveying what they’ve discovered from limitation.

So, what transforms beyond the limited focus of the camera-i… is real integrity.  Real, living integrity comes about only when the mind naturally becomes orderly beyond some dead blueprint or formulated mold.  When real integrity comes about, the universe and its deepest magic comes to you; you don’t have to seek it.  True integrity, which is wholeness, allows for (that deep order which is the entire universe) to flower within.  That brings true bliss and enlightenment.  The limited camera-i cannot do it, for what it perceives is little, separate snapshots here and there (according to some limited, manufactured programming).   When real wisdom occurs, then the camera-i doesn’t merely try to capture things (with what it focuses on)… because then its instrument is not separate from all the mystery that takes place in the world (and all the mystery that is beyond place).

Tree Frog on brownish house siding (blending in quite nicely). Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Tree Frog on brownish house siding (blending in quite nicely). Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015


Who’s zoomin’ who?…

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Beyond what is 


one irrefutable mystery



Beyond what was


one not so distant 



Beyond all that


leaping beyond death



Beyond profound change


one ordinary mind



[Note:  The photo is of a piece of fossil Baltic Amber containing a Pseudoscorpion (with 2 mm body) and a Gnat; the Pseudoscorpion is posed as if attacking the Gnat as prey.  This amber is around 50 million years old.  Pseudoscorpions (and Gnats) continue to exist worldwide, even in cold climates, like in the United States and Canada.  Are “mostpeople” — who tend to live ordinary (so-called) lives, who merely exist accepting (and copying) the commonplace values, routines, and perceptions — stagnating (almost as if they are imbedded in rock-like amber)?  You decide.]

Pseudoscorpion and Gnat in Baltic Amber. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Pseudoscorpion and Gnat in Baltic Amber. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015



Halloween Arachnid


To be in rapport with truth, one must (obviously) be parallel to the nature and dimension of truth.  Profound (not relative) truth may not at all be something that is merely acquired… like some kind of result (by way of a process), like some type of petty thing that comes about (by way of accumulation or calculated endeavor).  The immensity of profound truth is not of the realm of standard and ordinary results.  So, in a very real way, this negates a lot of what people do (in terms of ordinary meditation and orthodox religion… all of which provide you with concrete ways to come upon truth).

A very serious, truly intelligent person (unlike the indifferent masses who are caught and lost in rather superficial details) is extremely interested in the profound truth.  If that interest is a deep passion to find out without merely depending on others, then that passion may be beyond mere accumulation and calculated endeavor.   The others depend on people of “authority” to tell them what to do, how to behave, what and how to think, etc.  However, an individual with that rare passion (that does not depend) is truly standing alone.  (“Individual” means single and not dependent.)  An individual who does not merely depend upon the symbols, images, and patterns that others provide regarding truth… may be truly standing alone.  

You know, when I was a follower, going along with the crowd regarding orthodox traditions and all that popular stuff… nothing happened.  Nothing truly miraculous occurred whatsoever.  It was only after one had gone beyond all the bourgeois orthodoxy, beyond all the popular cults, beyond all the gurus, experts, and specialists, that something very special, immense, enlightening, and extraordinary happened.  Of course, people can say, “Well this bloke is merely deluding himself, imagining something or fantasizing about something profound.”  There exists palpable proof consisting of reflections (over the years) of the actuality of this; but people need to go in depth and discover it for themselves.  People each need to take the initiative and examine deeply for themselves; if they don’t do it (with tremendous passion) there is plenty of the ordinary for them to mundanely continue to experience (and remain as). 

Most of us do not realize the depth of the accumulations that we have psychologically absorbed from others (who, themselves, absorbed from previous others).  With this stockpile from the antiquated past, we look; and what we perceive is circumscribed by the extreme limitations of symbols, patterns, images, and fragmentary, archaic concepts.  (One has stated this time and time again.)  To be truly independent calls for going far deeper than merely going beyond outside authority… because the processes and ways of outside authority are in (and constitute) what you actually are.  (Our “inside authority” is an extension of — and it is — the outside authority.)  Our very concepts of self and of time are composed of crass, primitive patterns stemming from the musty past.  (When you look through the lens of the musty past, what you see will be very distorted.)  Only in the unconditioned intelligence of standing alone does the deepest magic truly manifest.  This standing alone does not merely seek a result; it does not merely attempt to catch truth in its web designed for contrived results to acquire; there may then be (within it) intrinsic beauty that is not merely acquired through calculation.

Halloween Arachnid. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Halloween Arachnid. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015



Beyond the gilded cage…


Existing in fallacy is to remain clinging to learned or absorbed false systems or mistaken beliefs.  A truly dynamic, liberated mind is one that likely transcends beyond all (given) beliefs and manmade patterns… being a mind that perceives without contamination that has been absorbed from others.  It is easy to exist in a slapdash way, merely allowing others (many of whom want power and control) to tell you how to do things.  However, unless one looks with the purity of non-contamination, then what one perceives and believes in may merely be extensions of what others (with motivations involving power and suppression) have planted.  When one supposedly has a belief, it is very likely that one is that belief… not merely something separate (from some kind of manufactured distance) “having” it.

The beauty of real innocence and pure perception (which is what is truly unsullied) is that they — together as one — are beyond secondhand values.  Real innocence transcends self-importance, pompous display, and it goes beyond mere accumulation.  In mere accumulation — including the gathering of images and beliefs — there is a “getting more and more,” which inflates the self (via increments of images, internal components, and others’ patterns).  With uncontaminated, innocent perception, there is a seeing beyond the self and the accumulations that fill (and make) the self.  It may be that profound relationship goes beyond any mental accumulations that constitute the self.  Real relationship and true selflessness may not be two different things.

 Dragonfly and Damselfly. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Dragonfly and Damselfly. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015


beyond rigor mortis of the mind…


Though the body ages, creaks with pain, deteriorates, 

slowly withers like a flower…

one can have a youthful, budding, blossoming smile

on one’s face


Energy, action, movement

which make up the body

is, as Einstein suggested, eternal;

but eternity runs deeper than that


It permeates much deeper than the superficial

will ever realize;

and as they (unfortunately) continue to deteriorate 

both mentally and physically

something (warmly) eternally eludes dullness, indifference, and

deadcold callousness

At the fall of one's life. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

At the fall of one’s life. Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015



On the nature of nature…


It is great to go out and enjoy nature, being very appreciative of all that nature offers.  There is tremendous beauty and order in nature.  Even the more brutal, violent things that occur in (and “as”) nature are part of a larger, overall order that is truly immense.  Those who are not at all interested in nature, who are not interested in the outdoors and in the many diverse plants and animals, are not to be envied; they are missing something in their lives; really, a life without “life” may not be much of a life at all.

When one experiences nature, how does one experience it?  If one merely experiences it as an outside “observer,” then there is a very good chance that one is looking with distance and separation.  However, if one looks passionately, deeply, without the contamination from the way that one was supposedly “educated,” then there may be real perception, real contact and relationship with (and “as”) what nature is.  Then you and nature are not merely two separate things.  Nature is alive; but if you look at it through a bunch of dead (learned and absorbed) images, are you really perceiving the immensity of nature?   It is easy to look via distance and separation, and with learned, dead concepts and say, “Oh yes, indeed, I am one with nature, one with the whole!”  However, that may be rather meaningless unless one profoundly goes beyond what was instilled in (and “as”) one throughout the past.  With (and “as”) the past is how most of us view nature.  We look with preconceived symbols, stiff images, learned distance and separation, labels, and lifeless concepts absorbed in the past…  and so we are not really looking much at all; instead, our perceiving is contaminated.  Our very concept of self — that thinks it is doing the looking — is (in itself) a learned, separate, rather defunct thought/set of thoughts. 

Interestingly, through intense awareness and keen insight, if one gets to that point (which really isn’t a “point” at all, by the way), then one is beyond where boredom, depression, and indifference can take a hold.  Without being dependent upon dead, internal images and symbols, one is where real life, fortunately enough, truly blossoms, just as it does in profound nature.  Then one doesn’t need to take mind-altering drugs or cling to artificial, unnatural, man-made things, leaders, and systems.  (Many, unfortunately, are like walking graveyards, and they don’t even realize it.)  Then — unlike most, who were taught to cling to (and supposedly live as) dead symbols, musty conceptual images, and stagnant, repetitive patterns — one is where real living flowers.  Then one doesn’t even need to constantly experience nature (or constantly experience anything, for that matter)… because there exists a flowing vitality, immensity, and intensity that is beyond (at times) the need for images, experiences, and “absorbing more and more, and still more.”

Silver-spotted Skipper (or something beyond a mere label). Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Silver-spotted Skipper (or something beyond a mere label). Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015


Beyond the whole of merely the bowl…


it was hiding in plain sight

the unconditionedwhole

but she never really saw it

like she did the littlegreen bowl


it was always to be seen

beyond cadaverous illusion or disjointed dream

but separative frag ments can not be it

like a drop ped b owl that was gre en


it’s popular to show off your wares

to all you know, to many friends of natty seg ments

but real joy is not to splinters shown

nor can be vis u ally ad mired by bro ken frag ments

Bowl Mushroom (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Bowl Mushroom (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Bowl Mushroom (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Bowl Mushroom (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015